Apr 22, 2021

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, all week we’re focusing on the E in ESG. Sandra Ericson, rbb’s partner in charge of energy and natural resources is taking a deep dive into three brands that have established strong ESG propositions by focusing on the environment and innovative solutions to fight climate change.  Not only are these brands impressive in their own right, but we’re also proud to call them #rbbclients.  Read Part One and Part Two.

Celebrating Earth Week and Reflecting

Clean energy is important, but so is affordable and reliable energy. How can we convert to a more sustainable infrastructure, while doing it responsibly and with accountability to the millions of Americans who rely on that energy each day, many of whom are struggling financially?  These are the real issues leaders face each day, including the largest energy company in America – Florida Power & Light Company.  Florida, in particular, faces some of the most critical climate issues from rising sea levels to hotter summers and a hurricane season gaining volatility each year. FPL has approached this conundrum by shifting its mindset from a company that simply meets the needs of today, into one that plans for tomorrow.  A company driven by innovation, FPL is building the world’s largest battery, experimenting with hydrogen and micro-grids, and leading the country’s most aggressive solar race, all while teaching the next generation of energy innovators through a deep commitment to STEM and robotics programs. For more on what this rbb client is up to, check out the editorial from FPL’s Vice President of Development Matt Valle, and how they’re already planning for Earth Day 2031.


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