Alec Booker|Nov 13, 2012

The phone that you carry says a great deal about you. Smartphones are great for PR pros, because the infinite amount of apps available keep us in the loop with the latest news and help manage our constantly busy lives.

With so many apps to choose from, it’s challenging to find the perfect ones that suit your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential apps that every PR pro should have to help them maintain their career and sanity.

For the Road

TripIt (iPhone | Android)

This app seamlessly manages your flight and hotel reservations and compiles them into one master itinerary. The most impressive feature is that the bookings don’t have to be from the same websites, so if you find a hotel on Expedia and a flight on Yahoo!, you can still merge the two reservations. Get this app if you need your own personal travel agent.

Open Table (iPhone | Android)

It’s time to wine and dine the client. Don’t call every restaurant in town when you can make reservations with Open Table. You’ll find in-depth reviews, and you can narrow your search based on the size of your party.
Taxi Finder (iPhone)

Flailing your arms to grab a cab is a hassle. Taxi Finder locates the nearest, most reliable cab services to ensure prompt arrival to your meeting or event. Call and schedule your ride directly through the app, without memorizing any phone numbers. Best of all, this app determines the duration of your ride and estimates the fare, so you’ll know exactly how much the ride will cost before the meter starts running.

For the 24-hour worker

Pulse (iPhone | Android)

Pulse gives you the news you need to know in a simple, aesthetically pleasing format. Choose outlets and topics based on your client and competitor coverage and follow relevant industry trends. Also, if you’re monitoring client coverage and stumble upon something you don’t the time to read, you can bookmark it for later. Filter your news with this handy, one-stop news center.

Office Time (iPhone)

If you work in an agency, your office probably uses time and expense tracking software, so you know the importance of keeping tabs on your time. Office Time manages the work you complete for multiple clients even when you’re away from your desk. Use the timer to ensure that no time is wasted. In fact, you can even run multiple timers simultaneously, perfect for the multitasking PR pro. Take photos of your receipts with your phone and automatically add them to an expense sheet to prevent discrepancies. Finally, time and billing made simple.

For after hours

Serenity (iPhone)

You give your clients the world, so why not see it too? Serenity takes you to the most beautiful scenes around the globe without booking any flights. From breathtaking waterfalls to peaceful fields, it’s a new take on a staycation. Use Serenity with caution. Some users have reported feeling too relaxed and slightly narcoleptic. Disconnect yourself for a minute for a productivity reboot.

Buddhify (iPhone | Android)

If you can’t think of pulling yourself away from your work for five minutes, this relaxation app is perfect for you. With four different voice guided meditations tailored for multiple environments, you’ll be able to relax almost anywhere. It’s meditation on the go.

What are your must have apps? Let us know in the comments section below.


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