Christine de la Huerta|Jan 6, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of leading a “speed marketing” roundtable discussion at an event hosted by Social Media Club South Florida. The topics ranged from Visual Communication and Data-Driven Social Media Strategies to Advocacy and Social Media Crisis Management. My particular table topic was Social Media Content.

The “roll-up your sleeves” roundtable experience made for dynamic and fast-paced conversations – much like social media itself.

As a table moderator, my goal was to set up the topic and facilitate a lively group discussion. As much as I was able to impart my own knowledge and experience, I also learned from the participants and what works for them.

We started off by talking about Facebook demoting overly promotional content, and went on to help define for each other what exactly makes for good content. That discussion produced several nuggets of wisdom I wanted to share with you today.

  1. “Marketers need to deliver an experience.” – Lisandra Gonzalez
  2. “You need to own the social experience on your website.” – @markitart
  3. “Adjust your strategy; focus on the end user and what will deliver the best user experience. This includes storytelling, visual and mobile response” – @DavidJost
  4. “Penalizing is the wrong word. It is about rewarding good content.” – @albizu
  5. “Make engagement your goal. Engagement posts are penalized.” – @TinaPaparone
  6. “The important thing is to answer a need, a solution to challenges. Ideally you should be forgetting about the pitch.” – @markitart
  7. “Be a resource. Provide value.” – @kaylin_printing

Photo by Brenda Leguisamo

As a board member of Social Media Club South Florida, I’ve found time and time again that a strong local social media community can be a great resource, which you should leverage and engage with as often as possible. In that spirit, keep up with ongoing conversation via #DigitalPark!


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