Esther Griego|Dec 19, 2013

PR pros know that the holidays can be a little hectic with events, deadlines and wrapping up the year, but there are few things all PR pros can agree on: We’ll likely be doing at least one of the following over the next few days!

Enjoy these bits of holiday hijinx, starring rbb’ers!

1. Upgrading your 25th daily cup of coffee to a gingerbread latte

2. Giving into the temptation of holiday treats from a wonderful client

3. Rapping at the office holiday karaoke party

4. Explaining exactly what you do at the family holiday party – again

5. Playing holiday music on Spotify and watching flickering Yule log on your laptop to get into the spirit on those late nights

6. Being knee deep in holiday media teasers

PR pros: What else do you find yourself doing over the holidays? Let us know in the comments!


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