Shawn Warmstein|Nov 19, 2014

In a world where 140 characters can break a major story at any time during the 24/7 news cycle, PR pros are constantly re-evaluating how to disseminate information and shape narratives.

As the chair of the Public Relations Society of America’s Entertainment & Sports section, I have a particular interest in this issue. That’s why we recently hosted a Twitter chat tackling the topic of communications strategies for live events, featuring Gina Lehe, senior director of communications and brand management for the new College Football Playoff.

While the chat centered on sports, the takeaways apply to those in any industry who host any type of live event. (Remember, a press conference, earnings call or ground breaking can qualify, too.)

You can read a full recap of our conversation below, but here are five key points Gina made about real-time communication:

  1. Create proactive messaging, but remain flexible to reflect the nature of a live event
  2. In regards to social media, acknowledge disgruntled fans appropriately but try and redirect to a private conversation
  3. Relationship building and maintenance has become a lost art with new media, yet it remains one of most valuable in industry
  4. Twitter is the strongest platform for live event communications because it truly allows PR pros to capture what is going on at the event in real time
  5. The greatest challenge of live event communications is empowerment. Set up protocols to allow for a timely responses, without a lengthy approval process

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