Christine de la Huerta|Jun 28, 2016

This story was co-written by Rafael Sangiovanni

It’s become common wisdom that blogging is good for individuals, companies and organizations. But it’s like drinking enough water – you know you’re supposed to do it, but do you really know why?

If you don’t fancy yourself a writer or editor, the entire idea of writing and managing blogging can seem like a chore. (Luckily there are companies like rbb that can do the legwork for you!)

Blogging takes work, time and commitment to succeed. So, again, why do it in the first place?

In our opinion, the rewards and benefits make the endeavor of blogging worthwhile, and here are five reasons why.

1. Your blog can become a resource for your customers

No one knows your business better than you. By writing articles about what you do and your industry, you become an indispensable vault of knowledge to your customers. That showcase of expertise, in turn, will show your customers why they can rely on you.

For instance, our client DHL is the leader in international shipping for business. On their blog, the company provides the most helpful advice you can find anywhere about everything from international business opportunities to import and export best practices, compliance and much more.

Customers know they can count on DHL for expert knowledge, and they keep coming back for more because there’s always more to learn. This keeps DHL top-of-mind with its customers.

2. You can establish yourself as a thought leader

As the keeper of your business’ and industry’s knowledge, it’s hard sometimes to realize your own expertise.

Think back to the last dinner party conversation you had about your work with someone outside your industry. I’m sure you realized quickly that you had a lot to say.

What this means is that you have an opportunity to prove your expertise through stories and case studies. It shows customers they can trust you.

For example, consider the most common questions you get from your clients, and publishing a series of blog posts addressing those questions with your unique perspective. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from others.

By finding your niche and your voice through your blog, you can find yourself at the forefront of the important issues affecting your industry.  This can lead to even more opportunities to market yourself and your company, such as speaking invitations and media interview opportunities.

3. You can create fresh content for your website

Most digital marketers will tell you blogging is all about driving traffic to your website. Yes, it’s true. Every time you publish a new post, it’s a new indexed page that tells search engines your website is active and should show up in searches more often.

More visibility in organic searches means more people will find your website when searching for relevant information online. And all that new content on your website is ready-made for sharing. See #4.

4. You can repurpose content for other channels

Once you have a good meaty blog post, it doesn’t just sit there on your website. It has many lives.

A blog post is something you can turn into multiple social media posts, directing readers back to your site. It’s an item for your sales kit, an opportunity to email your prospects or customers or maybe even a bylined article for media. Some topics can be repurposed for e-books and white papers too, which provide opportunities for data capture and lead generation.

In addition, when readers share your post across their own channels, it spreads your message even further.

5. You can get valuable, real-time feedback

A blog is a great place to “test” out a new idea and invite comments from your readers. The comments can help you get to know your audience better and sharpen your offerings – whether it’s a new concept or product or service.

By the same token, it can simply help you get to know your customers better. Sure, you can do this over social media too, but some concepts need more than 140 characters to be explained.

There are many more reasons to blog. But the best reason is business growth. If you need help getting started, get a good content partner who understands PR and digital marketing.

Are you convinced it’s time to start a blog? In part two of this series, we cover our top tips for managing your company blog.


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