Stacy Merrick|Aug 11, 2015

This story was co-written by Sasha Blaney.

As public relations professionals, we’re expected to be knowledgeable about our clients, well-versed on current events and quick on our feet.

It just so happens that the qualities that make us good at our jobs also make us the best date for any party!

If you’re looking for a companion that you won’t have to babysit all night, look no further than your friends in the public relations industry. Learn why our industry is full of professionals who know how to work a room and impress your boss.

1. You Can Talk to Us About Anything

With clients in industries that range from hospitality to law to real estate and even health care, PR pros are in the know.

Pitching the media is a part of our daily routine, and in order to do that successfully we have to know what is going on in the news at any given time. We are always on top of the next big story, so we study our client’s industries like they are our own.

We not only know our client, we know their competitors; we read the publications that cover them; we know the reporters who write the stories and the audience that reads them.

At a cocktail party we may not offer all of this information up right away, but if someone brings up the recent news about Netflix’s maternity leave, we’ll definitely have a comment or two to share with the group.

2. No Babysitters Required

Whether we’re pitching a reporter we’ve never spoken to before or meeting a new client, PR pros are skilled at turning small talk into a new friendship.

We have curious minds that always want to dig below the surface so we can make a connection that will eventually turn into a larger story.

For example, whenever we begin working with a new client we love to pick their brains for industry knowledge. Something they may see as an uneventful day-to-day task, we see as headline news.

3. We Beat the Clock

Public relations is an industry where punctuality is crucial. When it comes to pitching timely stories, arriving to client events or meeting reporter deadlines, we always strive to be on time if not early.

Not to mention we will never come unprepared – we’ll be dressed to impress with all the essentials needed to survive an eight-hour media event in the middle of a Miami summer. Which leads us to…

4. We’re Problem Solvers

PR account teams are often tasked with working at a client event or staffing a media interview. In these situations, anything can happen – the best laid plans can go wrong, your client can stray from the talking points or a reporter could throw a curve ball question.

PR pros can adapt to any situation or crisis, and turn a negative to a positive. If the car breaks down on the way to the party, don’t worry. We are already dialing AAA and booking a rental car online at the same time.

So next time you’re looking for someone to join you at a business cocktail hour, work the room with you at a networking event, or fill a seat at your client’s charity function, choose your friend who works in PR. We are guaranteed to be a hit.

What skills has PR taught you that have helped you at cocktail parties and networking events?


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