Global Medicine


From global product launches to market-specific issues management and patient advocacy campaigns, rbb’s healthcare team is ready to tell your story. Backed by research and analysis of your “problem to be solved” and a passion for creativity, rbb will raise awareness and drive engagement and action.

Whether your healthcare business requires support in the United States or in Latin/South America, Europe, the Middle East & Africa or Asia Pacific, rbb has the knowledge and reach to deliver meaningful results. We have nurtured a sensitivity toward other cultures, attitudes, behaviors and ideas, and understand the drivers and barriers for good healthcare in specific markets.

Our expertise covers the gamut – hospital, long-term care, home care and hospice systems, health plans, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, OTC/consumer health, retailers, global public health issues, rare diseases, and NGOs.

Scientific/Clinical Communications

Whether you’re at a major medical meeting trying to establish the efficacy and safety of your medicine over a competitor’s in a head-to-head study, or you’re publicizing phase 3 data to make the case for FDA approval of your product, we can help.
We assist with presentations and work strategically to ensure success with target audiences including the most impactful health media outlets. We help clients prepare for FDA Advisory Committee Meetings and can be on the ground with you as we work together to make an impactful case for your medicine to be approved.
Product Launches

Product Launches and Marketing

Product launches are not formulaic. We help you make the case for why your medicine, device or product is needed and ensure that payers, providers, nurses, physicians and patients understand your offering.
We do this by using compelling creative, precise science, robust thought leadership, credible digital and social angles, memorable advertising, search engine optimization, and crisis preparedness to deliver results that set standards in our industry. Our approach to drug pricing, access and reimbursement is highly proactive, ensuring that we build the value proposition for our clients with the right stakeholders much before a medicine comes to market.

Crisis/Issues/Product Recalls

Medicine and healthcare are complicated, and much can go wrong where human health is concerned. We excel at handling crisis and issues for our clients.
If your medicine has a side effect or a device needs to be recalled, we partner closely with you and your regulatory, medical and legal teams to ensure that all sides of a story are reflected. We take a responsible approach, ensuring that patient safety is never compromised as we work with you to manage the situation.

Patient Advocacy Campaigns 

Patients who have benefited from a treatment or procedure are invaluable protagonists to showcase why your product is meaningful in the market.
We work with patient advocacy groups and patients who have benefitted from clinical trials to tell their stories and to make the case for why your product provides value to society. We also work with patient groups to bring awareness to a disease state or to highlight an unmet need that warrants appropriate action.

Employee Engagement through CSR

It’s no secret that when a company invests and supports its employees in doing meaningful work for society, employee engagement rises.
Trust is a critical component of loyalty for every brand and making the most of corporate social responsibility efforts and corporate philanthropy is a factor in raising trust levels. rbb works hard to ensure that your corporate stories are told to audiences who matter.

Health & Technology

Every single day, advances in technology are reaping huge rewards for patients.
Whether it is the advent of robotics, telemedicine, the use of consumer wearables, or the ways in which medicines are delivered to make them more compliant for patients, we have the expertise to publicize these advances in creative ways.
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