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Use Star Wars’ Jedi Code to elevate your content marketing

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda, Legendary Jedi Master and All Around Wise Guy (in a good way!)
Truer words have rarely been spoken so succinctly. It’s really amazing how much of a hold Star Wars has on the larger pop culture consciousness.

The Star Wars universe is filled with imagination, wonder, adventure and […]

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Women’s World Cup: A long-term PR victory?

Recently, the Women’s World Cup Final drew record numbers for a soccer match – men’s or women’s – and once again kicked off the discussion about the ongoing narrative surrounding the place of women’s sports role in a male dominated field.

To delve deeper into the issue of narrative storytelling, the role social media can play in extending the discussion and how corporations leveraged the opportunity, I conducted a brief Q&A with Natalie P. Mikolich. Natalie is the 2016 Chair-Elect of PRSA’s Entertainment and Sports Section and current manager of the section’s social media channels.


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Confused about Facebook’s latest NewsFeed changes? Find out how they impact your brand

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have put brands on edge – and with good reason. With this update, Facebook is continuing to limit organic reach for brands and publishers alike, and it is necessary for brands to revamp their social strategy to prevent losing out on influence and opportunities for engagement.

The first step is understanding what the modifications are. According to Facebook product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors, there are three big changes that will impact your brand reach on Facebook.


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Why travel brands must innovate, disrupt to survive in the digital era

For travel companies, enough is not enough anymore. Or, rather, what was enough isn’t sufficient today.

As travel and leisure companies increasingly shift to becoming broader lifestyle brands, the consumer is expecting ever greater levels of service and personalization from this sector, much of it driven by the promise offered by digital technology and social connectedness.

That said, becoming a lifestyle brand, whether focused on luxury excursions or budget-conscious business travel, has become the growing trend used to innovate and expand the product offering. As noted in the 2015 Skift report on travel megatrends, many companies are mixing up offerings with “increased emphasis on design, wholesome food offerings, and local cultural integrations.” In some cases, the report notes, this can lead to the launch of a completely new category of products.


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Social movements: A tool or a #trend?

There’s no doubt that hashtag activism and awareness campaigns are becoming more and more #common.

The most recent ones flooding the Internet: #PrayForNepal to support earthquake victims and #PaintYourNailsForBruce that has men everywhere painting their finger nails in support of Bruce Jenner opening up about his transition.

And who can forget the #IceBucketChallenge? For days on end, news feeds were clogged with videos of folks dumping ice water over their heads to raise awareness (and money) for ALS.

Then, there are the less popular ones like #DontBeAnEggHead (an anti-bullying campaign where you crack an egg on your head), which are slowly making their mark.

But we have to ask ourselves: What is the end-all, be-all goal of these social movements? Do they really raise awareness and funds to support a cause, or are they just a trend for our post-modern, #selfie-obsessed society? The answer: It’s up to you to decide! […]

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Missing the Target: Lilly Pulitzer collaboration a mixed bag for most

Picture this: I am at a friend’s wedding on Saturday and the clock strikes midnight. Instead of heading to the dance floor, I huddled on a couch with a few of my girlfriends so we could purchase from Target’s newest designer collaboration line with Lilly Pulitzer.

While being completely anti-social, we tried over and over to refresh the Target app and the website in hopes of getting our hands on some of the less expensive designer goodies. It was a complete #fail. So I went back to the dance floor, knowing that waking up at 7 a.m. for the 8 a.m. store opening would be my fate.

I am no stranger to the battlefield of in-store Target sales. I was on maternity leave during the big 2011 Missoni collection launch and went from store to store to find the perfect selection for my newborn. (I still have some pieces in her wardrobe today).

As a PR practitioner, I understand why Target built up the collaborations so much, but was always baffled why they only made such limited stock. If people are willing to purchase items for triple the price on eBay, isn’t that a miss for Target’s bottom line?


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Are “Hispennials” to blame for Sabado Gigante’s sign-off?

The end of an era is nigh for many Hispanics after Univision announced that its 53-year-old Saturday variety show Sabado Gigante will be signing off in September 2015.

Hispanics, including myself, have fond memories of watching Sabado Gigante. I remember sitting on my grandmother’s living room floor every Saturday, eating a home-cooked meal and laughing at every move made by the great Don Francisco and his sidekicks.

It would be an understatement to say that the show will be missed, but it is also a sign of a great shift taking place in Hispanic media – a focus on reaching the almighty “millennial” audience.


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#BreakoutBrand: Big “A” is for advertising for “Pretty Little Liars”

Social media has already blurred the lines of journalism, transforming everyday people into instant reporters, photographers and columnists. Now, that blurred line is bleeding over into advertising, and it should come as no surprise, especially for fans of the ABC Family hit drama, “Pretty Little Liars.”

Based on the novel series from Sara Shepard, the mystery of four best friends being terrorized by the nefarious, cyberbullying “A” has been a ratings and social media juggernaut for the cable network since it premiered in 2010.


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2015 is the year to celebrate customer experience

February is the month where New Year’s resolutions come to die. By the end of the month, January’s good intentions gradually find themselves lacking the stamina to keep up with the hustle of real life.

Similarly, frantic predictions about imperative trends that must be implemented immediately appear to calm down as the calendar ticks forward a month.

However, among the many shiny prognostications about all things digital in 2015, there is one that we find, after some consideration, to be particularly compelling.


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"Future of Journalism" panel: How the newsroom is entering the 21st century

Five years ago, most journalists probably wouldn’t have predicted where the industry would be in 2015, what with the rise of digital media and its impact on traditional journalism.

Still, in my opinion, technology hasn’t killed journalism. It’s shaken up the media business model and ushered it into a new age – one where journalists aren’t simply responsible for storytelling but also engaging with their audiences through social media, blog posts and other mediums.

In fact, social media is dramatically shaping the way news is consumed, distributed and reported. For example, 30 percent of Americans, including myself, are increasingly turning to Facebook for news updates, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

But all these changes weren’t really “news” to the six media experts selected to join the Future of Journalism panel presented by PRSA Miami and Social Media Club South Florida in January 2015.


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