Top 10 Reasons Clients Choose rbb

Most clients hire PR firms based on three A’s – availability, affability and then ability. We often liken the decision to hiring a plumber — when your sink backs up, you look online for someone who will respond quickly, be pleasant to work with and charge you a reasonable cost. You assume each one can fix the sink.

So why does rbb stand out from the pack? Here are the top 10 reasons clients choose rbb pulled from interviews we conduct after every new business presentation:


“rbb was smart and didn’t give us cookie-cutter treatment. You took the time to look at our company, what we’ve already done and what we weren’t doing. It was so frustrating to hear firms say, do a newsletter when we already have one. We didn’t expect spec work, but your overview of the strategic direction we should take was right on and your budgets made sense.”


“We love the complimentary customized extranet rbb set up. Other firms charge thousands for this service and the speed with which you had it up and running with our logos, sample action plans, team contact lists and of course the proposal was amazing. It set a great example of how we will manage a long distance relationship.”


“rbb interviewed us. Most firms went through the motions of answering our RFP without thought for whether they were right for the job or we fit their skill set. You interviewed us to see if we were the right fit for you and reviewed it with your team before agreeing to pitch. It reminded me that when I interview candidates, the ones who interview me always end up being the better hire.”


“rbb’s boutique status attracted us. We want a firm where we work with the senior staff in a personalized relationship. We were amazed by your long staff tenure.”


“rbb’s credentials and awards were very impressive especially the PR Week Agency of the Year and repeated “Best Place to Work” accolades.”


“rbb had a great website. Most PR firm websites are interchangeable and talk in excruciating detail about their capabilities. Your firm gave us a feel for HOW you do things not just what you do and made us want to find out more.”


“rbb was responsive. You got back to me quickly and asked questions. I like that you answer your own phone.”


“rbb’s exclusivity policy stood out. We like the idea of all the firm resources being dedicated to only one client in a category.”


“rbb’s references were amazing. So many clients, who’ve been with you so long — 10, 20 years — saying such amazing things.”


“rbb has won every major award in the PR industry and these were in a broad array of categories including creative tactics, reputation management, B2B marketing, community relations, and digital. Very few agencies can be excellent across the board. rbb has it all and at a gold-level standard!”