Creating Owned Content for Storytelling


The changing media landscape has made coverage of positive, “feel good” stories harder to achieve than ever. Kaplan University has so many great success stories that that they want to share in a non-self serving way.


Drive awareness for the impactful work being done by faculty and students at Kaplan University during the milestone month of May.

Breakout Strategy

Use the PESO Model to think beyond “media relations” mode by embracing from a holistic standpoint. Take a mere story and turn it into entire campaign that reaches customers where they are consuming news in a meaningful, compelling, targeted way.

The Program
  • Shine On Blog and Video Series: Create a series of blog posts with corresponding videos highlighting key professions and successful alumni for select programs within Kaplan University
  • Expand the Reach: Using a combination of paid, earned and shared media, the video series that lived on the KU website was promoted to target audiences