Confession: I watched @peoplesrev Kelly Cutrone’s Kell on Earth and I liked it.  I really, really did.  Like candy…mindless TV candy.

Yes. There are agencies filled with PR “Power Girls” prancing around the office drinking copious amounts of RedBull, hitting late night fashion parties and doing crazy $3,000 hat meetings in a hotel room in the middle of the afternoon.  Exhibit A:

Now, is Ms. Cutrone – or the slew of TV Power Girls – to blame for the popular perception of the business of PR? And do we have to feel responsible for defending the seriousness of what we do every time someone says: “PR. So cool…with all those events. I should totally do it.  I’m such a people person?”

PR is powerful.  PR is a business.  It is the business of brand awareness and reputation, effective communication, community relations, crisis management, customer and employee relations, government affairs, industry, investor and media relations, mediation, publicity, speech-writing, visitor relations… PR can make or break a brand or person. Right, Cutrone?

She’s definitely good at building her own brand. Can you say New York Times Best Sellers’ list?!

But I digress. Yes.  Personality and flare are valuable assets in this arena but so are business savvy, strategy and creativity.  That is why “the public relations industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 10% through 2012, according to projections from the Veronis Suhler Stevenson 2008 Communications Industry Forecast 2008-2012.”

In fact, “in facing the troubled economy, many PR professionals find their skills to be relevant, namely for enforcing transparency in business practices (70%) and helping the U.S. government communicate problems to the rest of the nation (52%).”  Huge deal.

Not convinced about what all of these means or how serious we are, my fellow MTV/Bravo viewers?  We even have a code of ethics! Thank you, Council of PR Firms.

But I will not bore you anymore.  Maybe PR already hit you over the head (see top five campaigns of the decade according to The Holmes Report).  Can you say red dress?

OK, OK, enough with my lecturing. Hope I was able to shed some light on the mystery of PR.  Seems like The City’s PR Girl du jour gets it after all. Like, duh!