NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2014 – Gibbs & Soell Business Communications and rbb Public Relations today launched Gibbs-rbb Strategic Communications, a joint venture drawing on the complementary strengths of the two agencies. The new venture will provide integrated communications solutions to food, beverage and consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients, based on a holistic understanding of supply chains and global issues impacting brand loyalty and purchases among consumers.


Gibbs-rbb will focus on brands and corporations seeking to establish and strengthen relationships with “Conscious Consumers™,” a growing market segment of discerning consumers making buying decisions based on factors such as health, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


“There is a growing demand in the marketplace for transparent and sustained communications with the customer and consumer, and our alliance with Gibbs & Soell gives clients a complete constellation of marketing tools to address that need,” said Christine Barney, CEO and managing partner, rbb PR.


The joint venture’s first hire is Jeffrey R. Graubard, who joins as managing director. He is supported by the global resources of more than 175 employees from the combined forces of Gibbs & Soell and rbb PR. Graubard brings more than 25 years of agency leadership and corporate communications experience and will be responsible for client development and operations, including account management.


Prior to joining Gibbs-rbb, Graubard founded and led The Graubard Group, a New York-based public relations agency that specialized in consumer, sports and corporate social responsibility communications for top-tier clients, including American Dairy Association, General Mills, Wise Snacks, Nikon, Verizon and Walmart. In addition, he was previously with Unilever, where he managed external corporate media relations in North America for the world’s second largest marketer of consumer products, including Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s and Lipton.


“Reputations can be made or broken at a moment’s notice, especially in the food arena, where consumer decisions are made daily,” said Luke Lambert, president and CEO of Gibbs & Soell. “Gibbs-rbb clients will benefit from our two agencies’ shared independent and entrepreneurial roots, giving us the flexibility to design and implement tailored programs for each client’s communications needs.”


Gibbs-rbb will be based in Gibbs & Soell’s corporate headquarters in New York, with additional offices in Chicago, Miami and Raleigh.


“Clients will be as attracted as I am to the Gibbs-rbb model, which offers the combined power of two thriving agencies laser-focused on providing best-in-class services to clients,” said Graubard. “I’m looking forward to bringing unique perspectives to our clients, through proprietary research such as the Gibbs & Soell Sense & Sustainability® Study and the rbb Breakout Brands™ Consumer Insights survey.”
More information about Gibbs-rbb is available at or by calling (212) 697-2555.


About Gibbs-rbb Strategic Communications LLC


Gibbs-rbb Strategic Communications provides strategic direction and communications services to facilitate relationships between clients and Conscious Consumers™. The New York-based company helps food, beverage and consumer packaged goods clients stay connected to customers and consumers through a suite of business communication disciplines. Gibbs-rbb is supported by the global assets of more than 175 employees of its joint venture partners, Gibbs & Soell, Inc. and rbb Public Relations, which are both members of PROI Worldwide. To learn more, please


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