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rbb Behind the Scenes: 20 Questions with John Quinn

This story was co-written by Stephanie Schwartz.

Recently on the rbb blog, we published the first installment of our “rbb Behind the Scenes” series, where we got the down and dirty scoop on EVP/Partner, Tina Elmowitz.

Next up in the hot seat is healthcare guru, Cher fan (yes, we said it!), and Fort Lauderdale-based EVP/Partner, John Quinn. […]

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Birthday or Bust: Smart and Surprising Ways to Celebrate Customers

I recently celebrated my 38th birthday, which was hard to fathom since from time to time I still shop at Forever 21. But surprisingly (or perhaps telling), Forever 21 was one of a few brands that I am a patron of that didn’t send birthday wishes or promotional savings to help me celebrate another trip […]

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Why Journalists and Communications Professionals Aren’t All That Different

The beginning of your career can truly shape who you become on a professional level as lessons learned during those formative years tend to stay with you.

I was privileged to be able to work in the media as a writer and segment producer for CNN and FOX 5 in New York City before making the […]

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Shoes, Underwear and Healthcare: My Conversation with Harold Burson

For more than two decades, Harold Burson and I have remained close. Many of you in the public relations profession know him or know of him – a brilliantly gifted communicator with a giant intellect and avuncular disposition, worthy of anybody’s genuflection.

In 1953, Harold and Bill Marsteller co-founded Burson-Marsteller and in the mid-1990s I had […]

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Does Your Creative Have A Hook?

In advertising, hooks are designed to catch, hold and pull.

Whether they are in the form of persuasive words, strong visuals or sound effects, their purpose is to make the viewer stop and notice an ad.

Hooks are created to engage and entertain the audience while successfully delivering a message that commands a response. They are the […]

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rbb Behind the Scenes: 20 Questions with Tina Elmowitz

This story was co-written by Sloane Fistel.

It’s no secret that strong leadership is vital to a company’s success. However, it is also critical for employee engagement. In fact, 70 percent of employees who lack confidence in senior leadership are not engaged with their employer. That’s a problem when you consider that belief in senior leadership […]

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As Healthcare Technology Advances, We Must Think And Act Globally

The Wall Street Journal recently published an entire section dedicated to health-care technology. In fact, the very first article in this technology-inspired literary phalanx touts the advances in apps that can help manage chronic diseases. WSJ states that hospitals and doctors have identified digital tools that can assist patients in dealing with a variety of ailments including […]

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What “Made in America” Marketing is Really Made Of

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching. Time for retailers to line their shelves with patriotic goods and apparel. But check the label; it’s likely that stars and stripes T-shirt you grabbed wasn’t made in America.

Maybe that’s not shocking. We’ve become accustomed to seeing all types of iconic American products bearing “Made in China” or […]

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Why I Returned to rbb

In 1996, I left my job at Dow Jones & Co. in New York and moved to Miami to join the communications agency, Rubin, Barney & Birger, which was a smaller firm then.

From the moment I walked into rbb’s Miami office, I realized that I was in the company of stalwarts. The passion, creativity, perseverance and purpose with which individuals […]

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How The Work-Life Blend Approach Landed Me On CNN

The concept of work-life balance is often referenced in an idealistic, aspirational way. Many professionals in our industry bemoan their lack of free time and flexibility and chalk it all up to needing a better work-life balance. But perhaps what we need to do is more effectively blend our work and personal lives rather than […]

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