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Influencers Uncovered: 5 Tips for a Successful Influencer Partnership

This story was co-written by Hannah Bursack

This story is the second in the Influencers Uncovered series, which takes a deep dive into the complex world of influencers and Instagram, and how marketers and brands can benefit from both.

Now that we’ve gone over Instagram’s ever-evolving features and how they can benefit influencers, it’s time to talk about […]

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Disruption is Always in the Making

On the heels of rbb’s Disruption Day, our company-wide retreat in which we challenged ourselves to discover new ways of thinking and bring even fresher creativity to our clients, we remain inspired to seize every opportunity and change the game for our clients.

Karl Lagerfeld, an original, iconic disruptor in fashion and consumer marketing, paired pearls […]

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Remembering Jack O’Dwyer and How He Changed PR

Jack O’Dwyer, one of the pioneer journalists who created a category of “covering the PR industry,” recently passed away. If you haven’t been in the business for decades, the significance is probably lost on you.

But here’s why you should care.

Real innovators don’t come along every day. Jack saw an opportunity and, relying on his 10 […]

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An Easy Guide For Explaining to Abuela What PR Pros Do

When you are part of a big, fat Cuban family—complete with tias, tia de tu tia, primo hermanos, and even el vesino that’s lived next to your abuela for years—the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year to update your extended family on your life happenings. The funny thing is these questions and […]

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rbb Behind the Scenes: 20 Questions with Christine Barney

This story was co-written by Stephanie Schiff.

In today’s corporate environment, it’s rare that employees have visibility to the CEO. Most leaders are busy steering the ship and avoiding icebergs, so it can be challenging for employees to get to know their captains (aka, CEOs) on a more intimate level. However, at rbb, we are lucky […]

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Influencers Uncovered: The Instagram Update

This story was co-written by Hannah Bursack

The world of social media and the role that influencers play within the space is changing constantly. Apps such as Instagram are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, opening new doors and opportunities for both marketers and those who want to build a business.

For the first post in our […]

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Making The Headlines: Innovating for Today’s Busy Traveler

The holiday season is officially underway, as more travelers hit the road to enjoy the festivities and family time. Take comfort in the ways forward-thinking brands are increasing tech, convenience and programming to make the consumer journey a smoother and more enjoyable one.


Move over […]

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6 Tips to Transform Customer Service in the Age of Entitlement

I have a vivid memory of my mother making a customer service call when I was a kid. A shocking new channel called MTV had suddenly appeared on our television. It was NOT appropriate viewing for her four children and needed to be removed from our channel lineup immediately.

She determinedly dialed up the cable company […]

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Making The Headlines: Feeding Consumers Experiences

Traveling to a bucket list destination or trying exotic new foods are no longer just about enjoying the moment. We want the world to join us on the journey from the comforts of their phone.

We’re bringing social media influencers into focus as they successfully capitalize on experience-based content and beat brand marketers one great photo […]

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Remembering a Vaccine Pioneer

In life, there are some who make an indelible impression on you. Individuals who have committed heroic acts, uplifted humanity, taken a courageous stand, excelled in the face of adversity. For me, that person was Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, a microbiologist who developed a number of lifesaving vaccines for diseases like mumps, measles, chickenpox, pneumonia, […]

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