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My Precarious Dance with Diabetes

The ritual begins every morning. A spring-loaded pen that pricks the surface of my skin to produce a drop of blood. That blood is then drawn into a test strip to reveal my sugar level. On some days, I’m ecstatic. The healthy salmon I consumed at dinner and the rigorous exercise from the evening before […]

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The Potential Impact of FCC Loosening Media Ownership Rules

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission cast a vote to change some longstanding rules about media ownership that could have major potential impacts, especially on local news.

The ruling will do away with limits on local ownership of TV and radio stations and newspapers, which previously had not allowed a single individual or company from owning a […]

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The Art of Pitching: Q&A with Seth Arenstein, Editor at PR News

To be successful in our industry, one of the main skills you need is the ability to craft a thoughtful, compelling and targeted pitch. You may have an incredible story to tell, but if you can’t articulate to reporters why they should write about it, there’s a good chance your story will go untold.

While pitching can certainly […]

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How the Special Olympics Shaped my Life and Career

The Special Olympics has been a part of my life for more than 15 years. I have been blessed and privileged to coach and play alongside truly talented athletes whose stories of determination, dedication, and devotion have inspired me, and continue to do so both personally and professionally.

I have coached or volunteered with teams in […]

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A World Series Attitude to Pitching

This story was co-written by Ana Marquez.

It’s the bottom of the ninth. Bases are loaded, the pressure is on to get that top tier media placement, and you’re setting up to pitch.

Who is at bat? Your media contacts.

In the past, they’ve intimidated you, they’ve ignored your attempts at pitching and they’ve never given you the […]

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Don’t Stress Out! 5 Office Mindfulness Tips You Need To Know About

We’ve talked about it before, and we’re going to talk about it again, the #PRLife is downright stressful. And if you work in a high energy, stressful city like I do, even the environment outside of the office can produce stress.

The bad news is, aside from making life a little less enjoyable, stress can lead […]

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5 Ways Brands Showed Humanity Amidst a Hurricane

When we first caught wind of Irma, the category 5 hurricane was expected to put Hurricane Andrew to shame and Floridians immediately sprang into action. From stocking up on groceries and gas, to searching for the first flight to ANYWHERE, we were determined to weather this storm.

Despite our determination, we were met with several challenges […]

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You Need A Communications Plan for Cybersecurity Breaches

While big retailers continue to be a top target for data thieves, professional services firms are increasingly finding themselves as targets for cyber hackers. This is due to the vast amounts of valuable client data they manage and a reputation for being easier targets because employees at these firms are currently less suspicious and cautious, […]

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9 Universal Tenets of Great Leaders

I’ve had the distinct honor and privilege to work for many great companies during my 25-year tenure in public relations. Indeed, the experiences have been rich, diverse, and truly global.

But most importantly, during this time, I’ve had the opportunity to observe strong and mediocre leadership and learn valuable lessons from both.

In summary, I have found […]

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6 Ways to Thrive as an Intern

This post was written by Caro Bunge and Sofia Estevez.

An internship holds the power to sharpen your skill set and strengthen your adaptability.

Sadly, our time as interns at rbb Communications has come to a close, but we’d like to leave our newly-found knowledge behind in the form of six tips.
1. Everything has a solution
Internships […]

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