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Supporting Moms at Work Helps Them Thrive for Business & Family

Did you know 76 percent of college-educated women have children, but in agency life only 39 percent of women are moms?

This means that 61 percent of women in the workplace are prioritizing their careers over motherhood. However, with the right employer support and programs, working moms can thrive both at home and at work.


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2018 Trends: What Makes Sense for Your Brand?

With the first quarter behind us, we have been seeing some of the predicted trends taking center stage for 2018. From bold colors to bold gimmicks all working to make one brand stand out from another, 2018 is looking to be the year of the fearless.

But you have to ask yourself, “What will make sense […]

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The Secret for Working Moms is Work-Life Blend, Not Balance

Like any mom, I’m frazzled, tired, cranky without my coffee and totally in love with my kids. I want to be there for all their ups and downs and be 150 percent tuned in when my 4-year-old tells me about the amazing stick she found last week.

Like most moms, I can only afford to be […]

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Lessons from Super Bowl Ads to Make Your Marketing Memorable

We’re about to enjoy our favorite sport: Super Bowl Commercials!

Every year, brands pull out all the stops to get their message across to more than 100+ million TV viewers, as well as many more who watch the ads online and talk about them for weeks.

For this reason (as well as the hefty cost for getting […]

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