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rbb Behind the Scenes: 20 Questions with Tina Elmowitz

This story was co-written by Sloane Fistel.

It’s no secret that strong leadership is vital to a company’s success. However, it is also critical for employee engagement. In fact, 70 percent of employees who lack confidence in senior leadership are not engaged with their employer. That’s a problem when you consider that belief in senior leadership […]

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Are You In or Out? 4 things PR professionals can learn from “Shark Tank”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m an avid fan of “Shark Tank.” The ABC show features budding entrepreneurs pitching their business to a panel of “sharks,” who consist of millionaire and billionaire investors. If the sharks like the business and the entrepreneurs, they will invest their own money in return for an equity stake […]

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Touchdown! 4 things PR pros can learn from watching football

Football season is back! It’s time to break out the jerseys, impress your friends with your best hot wings, pop open a cold beer and cheer on your favorite team(s).

With college and pro football back in full swing, I couldn’t help but relate the grid iron to my job in PR. In addition to breaking tackles […]

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Timing is everything – The best times to pitch, write and take a break: Straight from the PR trenches

Working in the public relations field means constantly communicating – whether with existing clients, media, co-workers or potential clients. How can we make that communication most effective? Believe it or not, simply the timing of your approach could be a big driver of the ultimate success or failure of reaching your target. Below are a few tips on choosing the perfect time to make your move.


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A millennial’s perspective on working at a “Best Place to Work”

rbb has a reputation of being a “best place to work” (and the awards to back it), but that didn’t come to life for me until I actually started here.

As a recent college graduate, I was unsure what exactly it meant for a company to be a “best place to work.” I read about all of the rbb’s accolades and formed expectations (yes, they were high) of what my future workplace would be like.

The recent recognition of rbb as one of Florida Trend’s Best Small Companies to Work for in Florida, along with my one-year work anniversary, led me to reflect on my preconceived notions. It’s hard to believe that, in fact, my high expectations were actually exceeded.

To help others grasp exactly what makes “a best place to work,” from the perspective of a millennial, here’s my list of the five best things about working at rbb.


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Did Justin Bieber disprove “There is no such thing as bad publicity”?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” but is there truth behind this saying?

We don’t need to look much further than the coverage around pop megastar Justin Bieber’s arrest, scandalous behavior and deposition video. Because he is a celebrity, many are intrigued by his actions and can’t stop watching to see what he will do next. The day of his arrest alone, Bieber gained more than 30,000 Twitter followers.

At first glance, it may seem like the publicity is not damaging his brand, but we must look at the long-term effects. Sure, Bieber gained thousands of Twitter followers, but most of those people are not true “Beliebers” and only started following him out of curiosity and fascination. Soon, the fascination may turn to irritation, as he continues on this downward spiral, and the publicity may become destructive to his career and life.


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