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Remembering a Vaccine Pioneer

In life, there are some who make an indelible impression on you. Individuals who have committed heroic acts, uplifted humanity, taken a courageous stand, excelled in the face of adversity. For me, that person was Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, a microbiologist who developed a number of lifesaving vaccines for diseases like mumps, measles, chickenpox, pneumonia, […]

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A Promise to My Sister: Continuing the Fight Against Cancer

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is holding its annual meeting in Chicago. Founded in 1964, ASCO is the world’s leading professional organization for physicians and oncology professionals caring for people with cancer.

In 2017, nearly 40,000 professionals, exhibitors, and international attendees participated at their annual meeting. The top 10 countries represented at that meeting […]

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Healthcare Innovation Begins with “Moonshot Thinking”

On a recent flight from New York to Los Angeles, I tuned in to CNN. With excitement and awe, I watched live as Elon Musk’s most powerful SpaceX rocket ever lifted off from Cape Canaveral to change aerospace history forever.

What was so remarkable about the launch of the most powerful rocket in U.S. history was […]

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Will Business Leaders Solve the Nation’s Healthcare Woes?

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase recently announced that they were together forming an independent company aimed at lowering healthcare costs for their U.S. employees.

The three companies, which bring their scale and complementary expertise to this long-term effort, will pursue this objective through an independent company that is free from profit-making incentives and constraints, according […]

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My Precarious Dance with Diabetes

The ritual begins every morning. A spring-loaded pen that pricks the surface of my skin to produce a drop of blood. That blood is then drawn into a test strip to reveal my sugar level. On some days, I’m ecstatic. The healthy salmon I consumed at dinner and the rigorous exercise from the evening before […]

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9 Universal Tenets of Great Leaders

I’ve had the distinct honor and privilege to work for many great companies during my 25-year tenure in public relations. Indeed, the experiences have been rich, diverse, and truly global.

But most importantly, during this time, I’ve had the opportunity to observe strong and mediocre leadership and learn valuable lessons from both.

In summary, I have found […]

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Shoes, Underwear and Healthcare: My Conversation with Harold Burson

For more than two decades, Harold Burson and I have remained close. Many of you in the public relations profession know him or know of him – a brilliantly gifted communicator with a giant intellect and avuncular disposition, worthy of anybody’s genuflection.

In 1953, Harold and Bill Marsteller co-founded Burson-Marsteller and in the mid-1990s I had […]

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As Healthcare Technology Advances, We Must Think And Act Globally

The Wall Street Journal recently published an entire section dedicated to health-care technology. In fact, the very first article in this technology-inspired literary phalanx touts the advances in apps that can help manage chronic diseases. WSJ states that hospitals and doctors have identified digital tools that can assist patients in dealing with a variety of ailments including […]

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Why I Returned to rbb

In 1996, I left my job at Dow Jones & Co. in New York and moved to Miami to join the communications agency, Rubin, Barney & Birger, which was a smaller firm then.

From the moment I walked into rbb’s Miami office, I realized that I was in the company of stalwarts. The passion, creativity, perseverance and purpose with which individuals […]

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