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rbb Behind the Scenes: 20 Questions with Christine Barney

This story was co-written by Stephanie Schiff.

In today’s corporate environment, it’s rare that employees have visibility to the CEO. Most leaders are busy steering the ship and avoiding icebergs, so it can be challenging for employees to get to know their captains (aka, CEOs) on a more intimate level. However, at rbb, we are lucky […]

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rbb Behind the Scenes: 20 Questions with John Quinn

This story was co-written by Stephanie Schwartz.

Recently on the rbb blog, we published the first installment of our “rbb Behind the Scenes” series, where we got the down and dirty scoop on EVP/Partner, Tina Elmowitz.

Next up in the hot seat is healthcare guru, Cher fan (yes, we said it!), and Fort Lauderdale-based EVP/Partner, John Quinn. […]

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5 must-have skills for budding PR pros

January 2015 marks my one-year anniversary as an assistant account executive at rbb. I’ve learned much about what makes a great Breakout Brand, as well as the power of saying “Thank you.”

There’s still so much that I look forward to accomplishing, and that’s best achieved by looking back. That’s why I decided to put together a list of the top five skills I feel have been most important to succeeding as a budding PR pro.


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The power of saying “Thank You” when connecting with customers

“Today, emotions are driving purchases like never before…Studies on emotional attachment to brands have found that evoking positive emotions is crucial for brand engagement.” rbb’s Breakout Brand research could not be more on point.

One of the simplest, but arguably most effective, ways to evoke those emotions is to express gratitude. Thanking customers helps make them a part of your company’s story on and offline and it is one way Breakout Brands can successfully connect with consumers.

Whether you are a new brand such as Uber or a legacy company such as Disney, your customers always drive your bottom line. According to rbb’s Breakout Brand Customer Insights study 83 percent of consumers would pay more for a product or service from a company they feel puts them first.

So, what would work for your customer? How can you evoke emotion? You make them feel like they are number one.


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