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Like the advertising and PR industries tend to do, we are tallying social justice scorecards to cast winners and losers in their response to the nationwide protests of George Floyd’s death, unnecessary force and racial inequality. Statements and social posts, employee programs and benefits, donations and pledges, and even diversification of the leadership slate should […]

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NASCAR Waves Red Flag on Confederacy, Shows How Immediate Action Can Make an Impact

Gone will be the “Stars and Bars” flying over Talladega, Bristol, Martinsville, Darlington and Daytona.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and millions of people in America and around the globe protesting against racism, discrimination and police violence, companies and brands have been faced with a choice of corporate conscience: take a stand to combat […]

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5 Takeaways from 2019’s #PRSAICON

When thousands of PR pros come together, what do you get? Not the setup for a clever punchline, last week in San Diego the answer was the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference (#PRSAICON).

Coming from across the country, my communications colleagues and I met to discuss the state of the industry, what’s necessary to […]

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The Dollars and Sense Behind Consumer “Love”

Love is in the air, and the value of that love between consumers and their favorite brands is at the center of rbb Communications’ latest Breakout BrandsTM report.

As communications and marketing pros, we enjoy being matchmakers who make people fall in love with our clients. This adulation and the resulting loyalty is the bedrock of […]

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Hot Topics, Hot Takes

Across the blogosphere, cable news, talk radio and Twitterverse every day “hot takes” are handed out like hot cakes. In the PR industry, we understand that while keeping our finger on the pulse is important, its equally valuable to understand the difference between what can be a new path to explore for our clients or […]

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Women’s World Cup: A long-term PR victory?

Recently, the Women’s World Cup Final drew record numbers for a soccer match – men’s or women’s – and once again kicked off the discussion about the ongoing narrative surrounding the place of women’s sports role in a male dominated field.

To delve deeper into the issue of narrative storytelling, the role social media can play in extending the discussion and how corporations leveraged the opportunity, I conducted a brief Q&A with Natalie P. Mikolich. Natalie is the 2016 Chair-Elect of PRSA’s Entertainment and Sports Section and current manager of the section’s social media channels.


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Know your narrative: 5 PR lessons from NBA star Kevin Durant’s media outburst

While amazing athletic feats and extremely passionate fans define the sports world to most, this industry has also provided PR pros a variety of lessons and case studies on topics such as crisis communications, reputation management and transparency.

The latest example pulled from the sports back page involves NBA All-Star Kevin Durant. In a recent interview, Durant ripped into media asserting that, in addition to not knowing anything about basketball (though using more colorful language), media essentially were going to write what they wanted, despite what he would or would not say.

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5 ways to improve real-time event coverage on social media

In a world where 140 characters can break a major story at any time during the 24/7 news cycle, PR pros are constantly re-evaluating how to disseminate information and shape narratives.

As the chair of the Public Relations Society of America’s Entertainment & Sports section, I have a particular interest in this issue. That’s why we recently hosted a Twitter chat tackling the topic of communications strategies for live events, featuring Gina Lehe, senior director of communications and brand management for the new College Football Playoff.

While the chat centered on sports, the takeaways apply to those in any industry who host any type of live event. (Remember, a press conference, earnings call or ground breaking can qualify, too.)

You can read a full recap of our conversation below, but here are five key points Gina made about real-time communication:


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U.S. Soccer and Malcom Gladwell: Why World Cup is a marketing game changer

“The magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.”

That is how Malcolm Gladwell describes the tipping point.

With the United States advancing to the elimination round and the country catching World Cup fever, marketers must ask themselves this question: Is this soccer’s tipping point?


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Case closed: Why the NCAA’s reputation is the biggest loser in the Miami investigation

Whether they’re college football fans or not, many Americans are aware of the NCAA’s two-year-plus investigation into the University of Miami’s football and basketball program. After all, the story had all the ingredients to captivate the general public.

In 2011, a major news outlet broke the story not only alleging that athletes took money and free drinks from a booster, but the same booster in question was a convicted felon in jail for a $930 million Ponzi scheme and purportedly paid for abortions on behalf of players (an unproven accusation).

But as the NCAA investigation came to a close on October 22, the biggest loser was not the school who was accused of wrongdoing and received resulting penalties, but the NCAA itself. Do you think if the NCAA knew the outcome two years ago it would have taken the word of a criminal and dug in to “bury” the University of Miami?

The NCAA made a calculated risk to use this case as an avenue to reclaim control of major college athletics and the big business it has become, and instead lost its reputation in the process. (This UCLA case and the Ed O’Bannon/video game lawsuit haven’t helped either).


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