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3 ways the FPA convention reshaped the way I think about journalists

I recently had the honor of attending the Florida Press Association Convention in Orlando. I have always respected the work of journalists – at one point I even aspired to be one. But these days I focus my time on becoming a PR pro, where I spend a lot of the day emailing, calling, and (dare […]

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Leading by example: 5 questions with rbb CEO Christine Barney

“Look to lead, not just follow.”

There’s a reason rbb is often awarded “Best Place To Work,” and it starts with CEO Christine Barney’s workplace philosophies. The above quote isn’t a canned message point; those are words Christine believes in to establish an employee-driven workplace.

At rbb, we have always been encouraged to join civic organizations in the community to develop our professional relationships and involve ourselves beyond our everyday work life, thus fostering our inspirations outside of PR.

That’s something Christine took to heart when she was recently named the Chairman for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. In her welcome speech, she spoke of her career and the path that has led her to where she is today.

Given my personal experience with PRSA Miami and the Chamber’s HYPE committee, I wanted to know more about her journey to becoming the Chairman and what advice she could offer budding PR pros.


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Jurassic World’s success was not just at the box office, but in smart marketing

Recently, all kinds of major events have occurred throughout the country that greatly impacted the pop culture world. No, it was not the Chicago Blackhawks’ or Golden State Warriors’ historic championship wins, or LeBron James declaring himself the “best player in the world,” or even the Game of Thrones season finale that left its audience with more than one cliffhanger.

For our purposes, the most notable news was that the film “Jurassic World” took home $511.8 million dollars around the world, setting the record for biggest global opening of all time. And, arguably, most of the credit should go to the movie’s extensive marketing efforts.

The film’s tremendous success reminded us how important it is to go beyond simply advertising your product and focusing on the experience for each consumer, even if a franchise like “Jurassic Park” can lean on nostalgia. These days, brands must create marketing efforts that emotionally involve the consumer far in advance to truly succeed.


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5 questions with rbb’s Tina Elmowitz: The power of the Conscious Consumer

Did you know that consumers are willing to pay 31 percent more for food that is produced in ways that advance the wellbeing of the planet, humans and safety of food sources?

In fact, most Americans rely on their friends’ opinions and experiences over what they hear in the news, or the content they see being pushed out by food retailers, to educate themselves on a food company’s human and planet mindfulness.

That’s what Gibbs-rbb uncovered as part of the Conscious Consumer study. What does this mean for the food and beverage industry? Consumers’ purchasing habits are changing, and marketing professionals need to focus on telling the story of a brand – from soil to shelf.


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Up and running: 4 marathon training tips that can make you a better PR pro

When I signed up for my first half marathon in August 2014, I was unaware of the journey that awaited me. My longest run to date had been only three miles. Even though I knew 13.1 miles was no small task, I had confidence that I could make it to the finish line if I followed a regimen.

I started training for the race by pounding the pavement every evening after work. As the distances increased, I noticed parallels between running and my work in public relations. Although the two seem unrelated, the fact is that PR professionals can learn to go the distance if they apply simple marathon training techniques to their everyday work.


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7 essential steps for preparing your brand to embrace digital

If you’re not online or on social media talking to your customers, your competitors almost certainly are. It wasn’t that long ago that quality plus advertising budget equaled brand loyalty, but as I’ve previously discussed that equation has drastically changed.


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Why brands must go social to survive, for better and for worse

There’s no denying how much the Internet has changed the way brands and customers interact, but not all companies have embraced this notion. The online world can indeed be intimidating, and some companies are still afraid of social media.

However, the reality is that a 21st century Breakout Brand must go where its audience goes. According to a study conducted by Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, Americans spend more than three hours a day on social networks on average.

As such, joining these social networks does entail exposing your brand to the bad, yes, but also the good. And, more importantly, it’s up to brands to ensure they’re prepared for both.


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Florida texting ban catches up to rbb’s no multitasking policy (sort of)

Florida Governor Rick Scott recently signed a long-awaited bill banning texting while driving. Although Florida has finally caught up to the 41 other states that already have this law in place, there are still many loopholes within the bill that leaves us questioning: Is there more that can be done?

To discuss this news, rbb was […]

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Is listening a dying art?

In today’s society, people are constantly voicing their opinions over Facebook, Twitter, emails and text messages.

As public relations professionals, we pride ourselves on being strong communicators, constantly plugged in to the next best thing. When in truth, our strongest asset should be taking a step back to listen. By focusing our undivided attention to clients […]

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rbb intern series: Are you In with LinkedIn? 5 ways to use the platform to its fullest potential

Once a month, rbb puts together “learning sessions” for their interns, each one is briefly reminiscent of our classroom days. One speaker or “teacher” who is a proven expert on the subject gives a brief lecture and then assigns us homework with real life scenarios.

Each learning session so far had been about improving our writing skills in terms of press releases and pitching, all very useful topics for the PR world. So when we received the calendar invite for a session on LinkedIn, we were doubtful there was much we could learn.


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