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Use Star Wars’ Jedi Code to elevate your content marketing

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Yoda, Legendary Jedi Master and All Around Wise Guy (in a good way!)
Truer words have rarely been spoken so succinctly. It’s really amazing how much of a hold Star Wars has on the larger pop culture consciousness.

The Star Wars universe is filled with imagination, wonder, adventure and […]

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Digital Digest: YouTube vs. TV, Facebook video controversy and more

In the realm of digital marketing, news and trends are always changing and shifting, which begs the question: What does this mean for marketers?

We’ll help you answer some of those questions with our ongoing Digital Digest. Starting now!
YouTube reaches more viewers 18-35 than primetime TV
A seismic shift – one that’s been a long time coming, really – […]

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Digital Digest: Social journalists, digital ads’ ROI, and the future video marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, news and trends are always changing and shifting, which begs the question: What does this mean for marketers?

We’ll help you answer some of those questions with our ongoing Digital Digest. Starting now!
Journalists are getting more social
AdWeek reports that social media usage among journalists increasing, up 34% since 2013. They’re embracing […]

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Luring Business With Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm. It’s the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. In less than a week since its launch, people are already spending more time playing Pokémon GO than using Snapchat and Instagram.

As both a seasoned gamer and marketer, I’m not surprised about this at all. Niantic distilled the addictive […]

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How to Manage a Company Blog in 8 Steps

This story was co-written by Christine de la Huerta

We’ve previously discussed the reasons and benefits for starting a blog for your company. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty: How do you actually steer this thing?

Managing a company blog seems like a daunting task, but a little planning goes a long way. Since 2010, we […]

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Boosting your brand with social media “spokescreatures”

Many companies hire a spokesperson to tell a brand or company’s story. Why? Because customers are more likely to forge a connection with people. But there’s another way to interact with customers and engage them: using an animated brand mascot in the digital world.

Since I started with rbb Communications, I’ve been involved with managing the digital presence […]

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rbb introduces Conscious Consumer, discusses millennials at #PRSummit

We recently had the opportunity to host two sessions at Holmes Report’s Global Public Relations Summit, arguably the biggest global communications event in the world.

Our sessions were very different, but had a common through line: The importance of understanding and activating your audience across generations.


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rbb takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Following on the heels of Susie’s astute post on how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge encourages us to be better marketers, we went ahead and took the challenge ourselves. (At the behest of our client, Homewood Suites.)

Of course, we had to bring our A game. We not only dumped the ice, but we’ll also be […]

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Defining #BreakoutBrands: rbb CEO Christine Barney interviewed on Purse Strings

We’re now in the second year of our Breakout Brand national research. In case you’re unfamiliar with that concept, here’s the short version: rbb has been studying how consumers’ relationships with brands keeps changing. The marketplace is not what it used to be, and our research has shown how much brands need to reshape their […]

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Six tips for PR pros to overcome writer’s block

Writer’s block does not discriminate. Whether you’re writing a press release, planning out a social media content strategy or struggling with the wording of a client email, writer’s block can sneak up when you least expect it.

As public relations and marketing professionals, writing is part of every day life. So when you find yourself slamming your head against the proverbial wall, the creative part of your brain can feel paralyzed by frustration.

However, there are a few techniques that you can use to break the creative dam and get back in the flow. You can use some or all of these tricks at any time. (In fact, I’ve personally used some even when I don’t have writer’s block, just to keep my mind fresh.)

Give them a try, and please share your own tips in our comments section below, too!


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