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The consequences of innovation – Did Steve Jobs intend to change the world?

However, the truth is that Steve Jobs leaves behind a greater legacy. His innovations will last for many years, and it’ll be very hard not to see Steve Jobs in our every day lives. Here are some of his not so obvious innovations. . .

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Question of the week: Best practices for social media measurement?

Social media measurement is definitely a hot topic of discussion. There’s no agreed-upon industry standard, and we share many experts’ opinions on best practices. We’ve even developed some of our own metrics.  Our results reports are customized and can include potential reach, social media impressions, click-throughs, reactions and more.

We’ve found it’s important to set goals at […]

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Social media adventures in Ikea Land

It’s not often that I’m presented with a chance to be the “consumer” in a social media promotion. I usually design programs, not necessarily partake in them. But, the tables were turned (and built) when I was asked to be a part of Ikea’s First Annual “Capture the Catalog” Scavenger Hunt, an event aimed at generating awareness for the 2012 catalog.

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Facebook considers in-feed advertisement

How do you feel about ads displayed in your personal Facebook feed? Take our poll and let us know.

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Will the “game layer” be a game changer?

The Guttenberg press of our century (aka social media) has been setting the stage for the next level of virtual engagement. The game layer focuses on utilizing online game mechanics, like communal gameplay and rewards, to motivate real-life action and loyalty.

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It’s called social media for a reason

While I’m extremely excited to exchange bouts of witty remarks with other tech enthusiasts via hashtag with a side of 140 characters or less, there’s one thing that’s been on my mind all day: Tsunami.

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Map of Online Communities

Back in February, I blogged about Randall Munroe’s map of online communities that illustrated our virtual realm as it appeared in 2007. Today, he posted a revised map on his site, XKCD. No surprise to see Facebook as the biggest country, as it currently has more than 500 million active users.

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Are you quitting Facebook?

With growing concerns over privacy, many Facebook users are planning a mass exodus on May 31st also known as Quit Facebook Day. We want to know how you feel about this.

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Social Media Predictions for 2010

Recently, John and I became committee members of Social Media Club South Florida Chapter.  We’re honored and excited to be part of this active community.

At last night’s event, we held a panel discussion on social media predictions for 2010. Prior to the event, we invited the community to submit their thoughts via Twitter, Flickr, 12seconds and at other social media platforms.  We mashed-up and presented predictions then held a lively conversation on what we felt would be significant changes in our virtual world.


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State of New Media

With the President delivering his first State of the Union address last week, it is a good time to step back and evaluate the state of the digital park we play in.  I’m happy to stand before the blogosphere and report that that our virtual realm, is stronger than ever.

Randall Munroe, illustrator of XKCD, a popular webcomic, created this map of online communities in spring of 2007.


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