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“When the map differs from the terrain, go with the terrain.

-Admiral Eric Olson, United States Navy, Retired 
Predictions abound in times of uncertainty. And these are certainly those times.

Yet, looking forward, there are some fair assumptions that can be made. We are likely looking at a bumpy and uneven pandemic recovery. Consumers and companies will not […]

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We Analyzed 150 Brand Messages In Response To COVID-19: Here’s What We Found Out


When we look back on the pandemic, there are certain to be a wide range of things we remember as standing out from all the chaos and confusion. One of those has to be the absolute flood of messages that we received from every company ON THE PLANET about the coronavirus. From resorts and […]

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Corporate Ethics In The Age Of Coronavirus

Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as corporate ethics.  People are either ethical or they aren’t and people determine the ethics of an organization. The good news is that solid ethics naturally align with corporate interests in most cases. Treat employees well and you have a more engaged and higher-performing workforce. Put client […]

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Jumping On Hand Grenades: Fostering High-Performance Teams To Respond To The Unexpected

To survive in a changing business environment, organizations have had to be streamlined, efficient and lean, which means there aren’t a lot of unused hours in the workweek. At the same time, this year has proven that we are living in increasingly unpredictable times. Businesses have been forced to respond to urgent, fast-moving issues created […]

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Beware the Crisis Case Study

Looking for a crisis agency? Then you’ve probably seen some pretty compelling case studies—big name brands, major wins and encouraging outcomes. All bright, shiny and safe.

But, please know, it’s all baloney.

Case studies are a legitimate marketing tool for communication agencies for lots of reasons but they have no place in demonstrating crisis management capabilities.

First, a […]

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You’re Probably Not Ready for the Risk Most Likely to Impact Your Organization

While South Florida enjoys many advantages, there are vulnerabilities that come with being a world-class, international metropolis situated at the end of a peninsula. Most businesses are prepared for familiar weather-associated threats like hurricanes, but a recently released report by Bank of America points to a troubling statistic suggesting businesses owners are exposed to a […]

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6 Tips to Transform Customer Service in the Age of Entitlement

I have a vivid memory of my mother making a customer service call when I was a kid. A shocking new channel called MTV had suddenly appeared on our television. It was NOT appropriate viewing for her four children and needed to be removed from our channel lineup immediately.

She determinedly dialed up the cable company […]

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2018 is the Year of the Crisis—And We’re Ready For It

rbb Communications recently launched a new division—Reputation & Risk Advisors—that is focused on issues, crisis and reputation management. The question we keep getting is: Why now?

It’s true that rbb has provided crisis and issues management support to its clients since the agency’s inception. In fact, we cut our teeth managing an international crisis for a […]

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Lessons from DeflateGate and Tom Brady for brands and businesses

The most surprising thing about DeflateGate may be the astounding polarity in opinions about the recently announced penalties against the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady.

One Facebook post suggested that we should “order the implosion of Gillette Stadium,” while others point to an absence of evidence and lack relative harm to suggest it’s all little more than media hype.

For those who may be unaware, Brady is being punished for not complying with an investigation into under-inflated footballs after an AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in January 2015.

Certainly some of the extreme reactions can be ascribed to existing NFL loyalties and animosities. But it seems to have moved well beyond the realm of sports fans. If everyone is going to have an opinion, are there relevant learnings here for anyone other than NFL teams and their quarterbacks?


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It’s about more than winning: 4 benefits of an award-entering culture

It’s possible some might feel industry awards are a bit self-serving – patting oneself on the back for a job well done.

However, those organizations that take pride in the process might receive something much greater than agency self-aggrandizement. The reality is that industry awards often make the work itself better.

For agencies at which award entries are part of the standard operating procedure, there is a resulting orientation toward certain key behaviors that can elevate an agency’s overall performance.


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