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The most demanding client – ever

About three months ago, I met my most demanding client to date. In fact, the day I met her she was screaming and I cried.

Working 24/7 has taken on new meaning. She doesn’t care what hour she calls. 3 a.m. is no different to her than 3 p.m. Oh, and of course she doesn’t pay me.

But I honestly don’t mind, because being a mother is amazing.

I truly don’t know which is harder: being a stay-at-home mom or a working parent. Thankfully working for a company that has a flexible work policy makes it a little easier.


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Granada, not Grenada: Six spellchecking tips that could save your brand

You may have read recently that one vowel might cost British Airways a pretty penny after sending a couple to the Caribbean (Grenada) instead of their intended Spain vacation (Granada). In a digital age where public blunders go viral before brands can even think of hitting the delete button, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of producing well polished content.

While word processors’ spellcheck may be a PR pro’s best friend, sometimes the infamous red squiggles below a word can be misleading. Indeed, Grenada and Granada are both words, but you have to think: Which word was intended?

If you have been following my other posts, you know that grammar, spelling and proofreading are all things that excite me. As rbb’s resident proofer, I’ve put together a list of six misspellings and grammatical errors PR pros should always avoid.


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Best place to work: Interns wanted

With our summer interns starting this week, I’m excited about all the opportunities that lay ahead of them. Being a part of the rbb team is rewarding in so many ways, but being co-manager of rbb’s internship program has its very own rewards.

rbb interns have opportunities like no other – they are a part of […]

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The obvious and not-so-obvious rules of pitching the media

You can never sharpen your professional tools often enough. At a recent PRSA Miami panel I attended, local media leaders shared their insights on how each of us can become “go-to” PR pros for media. Even after all my years in the PR industry, I still found myself learning something new.

It helped that the panel comprised some of Miami’s best and brightest media leaders: Miami Herald Managing Editor Rick Hirsch, WPLG-10 Assignment Editor and Futures Planner Kerry Weston, and Univision radio host Bernadette Pardo.

At the end of the panel, I felt that the tips they shared applied whether you are handling local and national stories. Below I’ve shared my top takeaways for becoming a trusted, go-to PR pro.


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Why the phone interview is not dead

There has been talk for some time about the death of the phone interview. With newsrooms shrinking and reporters wearing multiple hats to meet mountains of deadlines, you could assume that more and more reporters would prefer email interviews.

However, my experience as a PR professional has shown me that the phone interview hasn’t reached its expiration date.

There’s a time and place for every kind of interview, but let’s take a look at the major strengths of email versus phone:


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What is your public relations style?

If you didn’t know from before, I love fashion. I’ve found that there’s a lot that public relations can learn from fashion, and vice versa. With that in mind, everyone has a style. So when it comes to public relations, what’s your leadership approach? Do you like all that is sexy? Do you take risks? Do you go for the tried-and-true?

Regardless, let’s just hope you’re not Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel’s premier designer) who earlier this year called Adele fat (EEK!) and had to issue an apology. So let’s get down to it.

1. Are you usually the first to react to a crisis?
a. Always b. Rarely c. Never d. Occasionally

2. Are you more interested in a general idea than in the details of its realization?
a. Occasionally b. Rarely c. Never d. Always


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12 New Year’s resolutions in 2012 for PR pros

With 2011 almost in the books, many of us have been thinking about 2012 already – for our clients, friends and families. But have you thought about yourself and your resolutions?

As PR pros, we set goals and create action plans for our clients all the time. Why not do the same for yourself?

Here’s your official guide to making 2012 your year as a PR pro:


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Impotence of effective communication [sic]: 10 proofreading tips

In this digital day and age, where speed is often the most valuable asset, it’s important to ask yourself, “When was the last time I actually stopped to proofread my work?” Even Santa makes a list and checks it twice. Proofreading can be the difference between effective communication and misinterpretation all together.

I’ve gathered my own set of tips from reading a few different sources that have helped make me the “go-to” person for proofreading in the office. Hopefully these can help you, too.


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Looking for your “Missoni Moment”? Evaluating cheap-chic collaborations

Celebrities with their own product lines are nothing new, but the concept has morphed in the past few years. Luxury brands and celebrities are cashing in while you and I are getting a taste of what it feels like to own something from one of the big names. (Social media has helped with that as well.)

To name a few: Target partnered with Missoni; Sears collaborated with the Kardashians; Kohl’s featured Vera Wang; H&M offered editions from Roberto Cavalli; and Macy’s worked with Karl Lagerfeld.

From a public relations perspective, it conjures up an important question: How do you judge a partnership to determine whether it was a success or failure? Awareness? Sales? Positive media?

Let’s evaluate a few examples, starting with the most recent collaboration: Target and Missoni.


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