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April Fools’ Day Jokes: Winners, Losers and How to Get it Right

Have you been pranked today? Every year on April 1, companies across every sector do their best to fool the public.

Today, Florida State University Seminoles and University of Florida Gator wondered how these two rival schools could possibly merge, Alaskans asked “what happened to Juneau” as the capital city was renamed UNO in a naming-rights […]

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What the robot revolution means for the hotel industry

Imagine walking into a hotel and being greeted by a humanoid, having your bags taken care of by a droid and your room service is brought up by a bot that reminds you of R2D2. This may be the future of the hotel industry, and it’s not as far off as you think.

Last year, the […]

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Peyton Manning and the value of a good media training

While Peyton Manning may not have won the MVP title at Super Bowl 50, he certainly wins an award for being one of the best examples of controlling the message in an interview in recent history. Not only is he the “poster child” for the NFL, he now holds that title for what happens when you […]

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Was Mexico the real winner of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao may have duked it out in a historic match, but there was an unexpected presence in the ring that still has people talking.

The country of Mexico received most of the prime time exposure, from the branding around the ring and on the screens to Julio Lopez singing the Mexican national anthem (even before the fighters’ own). In fact, the Mexico Tourism Board and Tecate beer were two out of five title sponsors for the fight, which set a new record for sponsorships bringing in $13.2 million.

While beers brands like Tecate are no stranger to sponsoring boxing matches, why would the Tourism Board invest so heavily in this event to promote its “Mexico, Live it to Believe it” campaign?


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Analyzing the mixed reception to Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign

Pick up a copy of the March 20, 2015 edition of USA Today, and you’ll find a special section titled Race Together, which is full of stats, quotes and questions focused on race. Visit one of the 7,300 Starbucks stores in the U.S. and your coffee cup might say #RaceTogether on it.

These elements are all related to a new campaign designed to ignite conversations on race relations, and it’s the brainchild of Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz.

Schultz’s request was simple: He asked baristas at Starbucks stores to voluntarily write #RaceTogether on the cups of coffee they serve as a way to start a conversation with customers on race relations. Schultz, through Starbucks, has a history of tackling major social issues, so while this project isn’t completely out of left field, it has gotten plenty of feedback FAST.


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Travel companies show what the holiday spirit is all about: Surprises

The holidays, in addition to being the “most wonderful time of the year,” are also the busiest time for travel companies. Between the shopping deals and holiday rush, companies within the travel space are turning to one of the oldest tricks in the PR stunt book to break through and be noticed – the Surprise and Delight.

The premise is simple: Spring a surprise on an unsuspecting group that will delight the audience and garner buzz.

Rather than inviting media to attend and capture the stunt, companies are relying on strategic partnerships and social media to drive their holiday campaigns.


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Turn on the Bat Signal: With Ben Affleck, is the Batman brand in trouble?

The recent announcement that Ben Affleck would replace Christian Bale in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie was met with a collective “What?!?” and a lot of head scratching by everyone from fan boys to regular Janes (including yours truly, who enjoyed the Dark Knight series).

Not to say that Affleck isn’t a skilled enough actor to capture the depth Bale brought to the role, but at the end of the day one will never be the other. Could this be the end of Batman?

Of course not. The strength of Batman lies in the strength of the brand. The same can be said for major brands that have survived shake-ups in their leadership.


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How to Reach Hispanics: Communicate in English

It’s been an interesting week for Hispanic media outlets. First, the ratings reports showed Univision is on track to be the most-watched network for the month of July, beating out ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. Then, the Pew Research Hispanic Center releases a study saying more Hispanics are getting their news on English television, radio, print and online outlets.  Huh?

While this sounds like a contradiction, it’s easy to explain. Telenovelas and entertainment programming are huge draws for Spanish-language TV outlets – just look at Univision’s Sabado Gigante, which has been on the air since 1962 and still draws 2.2 million viewers.

For the news, however, the study found a 10 percent drop in the amount of Spanish language news consumption, and a 22 percent drop in the number of viewers that get their news exclusively in Spanish. This can be attributed to a few reasons pointed out by researchers – there are more U.S. born Hispanics, a growing number of adult Latinos speak English well, and immigration has slowed down.


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Adecco’s idea plagiarism nightmare: Giving credit where credit is due

On a recent press trip, blogger Nancy Brown asked for my thoughts on the scandal around the global recruitment firm Adecco and its controversial “Around The World In 80 Jobs” campaign. While the dust has more or less settled after the story picked up steam in the mainstream media, the blogger community has remained up in arms over what appeared to be a clear case of idea plagiarism.

Here’s the back story. Adecco launched and heavily promoted its “Around The World In 80 Jobs” social media campaign, while also trademarking the name, in April of this year. Now, that is definitely a catchy name that fully captures the concept of the program. Unfortunately, someone had already thought of it first: Turner Barr, a travel blogger who launched Aroundtheworldin80jobs.com almost two years ago.

Making matters worse was that Adecco never reached out to Turner for permission to use his blog’s name, never asked him to be involved in any way in the campaign and went so far as to hire a paid actor who resembles Turner for a marketing video.


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Kristen Stewart fiasco: How crisis communications sometimes means breaking the golden rule of PR

This week, a series of incriminating photos of Kristen Stewart were unveiled that showed the starlet in a compromising position with her much older (and married) Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Both parties quickly released statements admitting their guilt and apologizing for the pain they caused their significant others and, in Sanders’ case, children.

The statements were a bit unexpected, as usually cheating scandals in Hollywood are brushed under the rug, never to be seen again until paparazzi happen across another opportunity to get a million dollar shot.

Much like Stewart, companies sometimes find themselves in a predicament when an error is exposed, or about to be revealed, and there’s collateral damage associated with admitting guilt.


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