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As a former news media “insider” with broadcast and print newsroom experience, Josh brings a unique perspective to his B2B clients and the results speak for themselves.

Survey of Business Journalists Details Impact of President Trump, Anonymous Sources

Despite challenges, state of the industry snapshot finds enthusiasm for profession
A new survey of U.S. and Canadian business journalists shows that while President Trump hasn’t changed the way media reports news, his tweets still cause angst for some business owners and bring mixed feelings about the use of unnamed sources.

The survey was conducted by rbb […]

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The Potential Impact of FCC Loosening Media Ownership Rules

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission cast a vote to change some longstanding rules about media ownership that could have major potential impacts, especially on local news.

The ruling will do away with limits on local ownership of TV and radio stations and newspapers, which previously had not allowed a single individual or company from owning a […]

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You Need A Communications Plan for Cybersecurity Breaches

While big retailers continue to be a top target for data thieves, professional services firms are increasingly finding themselves as targets for cyber hackers. This is due to the vast amounts of valuable client data they manage and a reputation for being easier targets because employees at these firms are currently less suspicious and cautious, […]

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Warriors Show The Importance of Corporate Culture and Leadership

Even if you are not a fan of basketball, there is another reason why you should be paying attention to this year’s NBA Finals – the Golden State Warriors are giving a free lesson about the importance of corporate culture and leadership.

The Warriors have been rolling through the playoffs, easily dispatching the Portland Trail Blazers, […]

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Trumped Up, Trickle Down PR Pitches

Last Wednesday (election day) while scrolling through my Twitter account, I came across this tweet below from Nick Nehamas, business reporter with The Miami Herald and it brought me both instant amusement and amazement.

I was somewhat shocked that Nick was having to fend off real estate pitches on election day because our agency had pretty […]

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Thanks(giving) for good content

Content creation remains a big buzz word for marketing, PR and communication professionals in both the B2B and B2C industries. This trend isn’t changing anytime soon, according to a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute, which shows that 70 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketing will use more content in 2017 than […]

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You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows – or do you?

With the end of the hurricane season still two months out, South Florida remains on guard, even if the tropics have been quiet.

In fact, the only real scare we’ve had so far was back in August when Tropical Storm Erika was positioned to possibly hit the state. Fortunately, the storm fizzled out before doing any […]

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The mid-size newspaper is shrinking, and that’s a big problem

Journalism jobs are down, but it’s a shrinking “middle class” that is creating the most angst.

The American Society of News Editors and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Florida International University recently released the 2015 Newspaper Census, and not surprisingly it showed that overall newsroom employment declined 10.4 percent.

However, a closer look reveals an interesting […]

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Checking in with Larry Birger Scholarship winner Mina Kimes

Coming up in October 2015, rbb will present the second Larry Birger Young Business Journalist of the Year Award at the National Society of Business Editor and Writers (SABEW) fall conference in New York City.

The award, named after one of rbb’s founders and former Miami Herald business editor and SABEW president, recognizes the work of […]

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Santa Claus, Secret, Stealing & Squander: Wrapping up the 2015 SABEW Spring Conference

“Why are you here?”

This was a question I was asked a few times last week while attending the 2015 Society of Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) fall conference in Chicago.

These bi-annual events are attended by a who’s who of business journalists from the U.S. and Canada, as well up-and-coming journalism students from acclaimed universities such as Northwestern and Missouri. There aren’t many PR professionals running around, so it didn’t surprise me when there was curiosity and perhaps skepticism about my participating.

But the answer to this question is pretty simple: I’m there to learn just like everyone else. Attending SABEW provides a unique opportunity to hear what issues and challenges business journalists are facing in the industry and how they cover the news. It’s also an opportunity to network and gain a greater understanding of the best ways PR professionals can work with reporters. These lessons keep us one step ahead and help shape the integrated communications plans we create for our clients.

Now onto some of the highlights from the conference.


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