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Is Your Brand Preference Red, Blue, or Bi-Partisan? [INFOGRAPHIC]

At rbb, we’ve identified an evolutionary “Breakout Brand” strategy focused on the customer and in tune with today’s changing marketplace. In a recent survey exploring customer perceptions we discovered some timely data relating to the upcoming Presidential election that we just couldn’t resist sharing with you… […]

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Why people hate social media

This month, the American Customer Satisfaction Index released a study revealing that Google+ is the highest rated social network with regard to customer satisfaction.

Facebook, the powerhouse social network with nearly 1 billion users, ranked below all major social channels including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

But that’s not what I find interesting about this study. What caught my attention is how social networking as a whole ranks in customer satisfaction when compared to other industries. ACSI reports:
The lackluster customer satisfaction of several of these sites, coupled with a steep decline for Facebook, results in a 1.4% drop for the overall category to an ACSI score of 69—one of the lowest of all industries (only airlines, subscription TV, and newspapers fare worse).
So while people generally appreciate the ability to connect and share information online, they apparently severely dislike the tools that allow them to do it. So what is it about social sites that appear to rub people the wrong way?


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Does Facebook Want Your Medical Records?

Today on Good Morning America, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network will now offer a Health and Wellness section on profiles, where users can learn how to register to become an organ donor and post their organ donor status.

Facebook’s intention for this new tool is to raise awareness about the […]

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Branding and Social Media: An interview with Dr. Tom Guarriello

Branding is critical to a company’s success. There is nothing more complex in today’s ever-evolving media landscape than creating and maintaining a strong brand. Social media offers several advantages, and numerous challenges, for branding professionals.

A former practicing psychologist, Tom Guarriello, Ph.D. is currently Chief Idea Officer of TrueTalk, Inc., a management consulting firm, and co-author of the book Work Different: Design For The Rest of Us. He teaches a Masters course in Branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Digital Park is delighted that Dr. Guarriello agreed to participate in a question and answer session, offering a perspective on branding from someone who teaches it to aspiring and practicing marketing executives, management consultants and public relations professionals. Follow him on Twitter at @tomguarriello. […]

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Live Video Job Interview Tips [VIDEO]

rbb’s John Quinn recently posted about the difficulty of navigating actual, physical face time with the virtual face time of the social media milieu. Unfortunately, we’re often not given a choice as to what medium we use to communicate professionally. For example, many job seekers are discovering that employers no longer prefer to conduct preliminary […]

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Happy sixth birthday, Twitter!

Twitter, or ‘twttr’ as it was originally called, is celebrating its sixth birthday today. The “social texting service based on the contents of your mind,” as co-founder Biz Stone referred to it in 2006, has evolved to become one of the top news resources in history.

I first realized how powerful Twitter could be not too long after it launched. At the time, I was living in Los Angeles and working for a social networking startup that you’ve never heard of. One summer day, there was a considerable tremor that shook our building. I immediately scrambled to my laptop and attempted to ascertain information about the quake. Nothing. No web resource posted anything about the event. How could they? It happened mere minutes ago. Not enough time had past for the media to post something substantial. Nothing, that is, except for Twitter.


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