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JFK assassination 50 years later: How has media changed?

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and revisiting the iconic news footage serves as a reminder of how dramatically the digital age has impacted the way media process and cover current events.

In 1963, it was broadcast media that broke the news that President Kennedy had been shot, and it became the primary source of information the nation relied on to help make sense of that unthinkable act.

The broadcast media didn’t have to worry about the 24-hour news cycle or competing with more nimble online outlets. This gave them the luxury of time – even if it was a finite amount of time – to add context and vet the accuracy of new details before sharing them with the public.


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Political hangover: What will fill the void of 2012 election’s record marketing spend?

The most expensive presidential race in American history has provided a real boost to the marketing industry. Collectively, the candidates, parties and independent groups have spent more than $1 billion on TV advertising since April according to data compiled by media trackers and provided to the Associated Press.

Even if you don’t reside in a battleground state targeted with most of the TV buys, you were no doubt exposed to the $78 million worth of online and social media activities executed by the Romney and Obama campaigns.

With both the airways and the blogosphere dominated by presidential campaign chatter, rather than try to compete for attention with standard consumer brand awareness campaigns, savvy marketers feed our country’s patriotic binge with creative election-centered promotions and content.


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