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How the Special Olympics Shaped my Life and Career

The Special Olympics has been a part of my life for more than 15 years. I have been blessed and privileged to coach and play alongside truly talented athletes whose stories of determination, dedication, and devotion have inspired me, and continue to do so both personally and professionally.

I have coached or volunteered with teams in […]

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Why Journalists and Communications Professionals Aren’t All That Different

The beginning of your career can truly shape who you become on a professional level as lessons learned during those formative years tend to stay with you.

I was privileged to be able to work in the media as a writer and segment producer for CNN and FOX 5 in New York City before making the […]

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5 tips to combat workplace rumors and save morale

Rumors, idle gossip and untrue stories may sometimes seem harmless, but they can have a profound and lasting effect on businesses.

A big mistake companies make when hearing about workplace rumors is hoping that they fizzle out on their own. Sometimes they do, but many times rumors just get worse.

It doesn’t matter whether you have five or 500 employees, workplace rumors are […]

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TV producer on local news in digital era: “The future is bright”

Gone are the Edward R. Murrow days of newsrooms packed with TV crews ready to chase the next big, hard news story. Instead, with the rise of the digital age, cell phones and online video, newsrooms are consolidating with employees wearing multiple hats – producer turned reporter turned web editor. This has also caused a […]

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5 habits to build to become a thought leader

A thought leader is a person who not only contributes to a conversation, but drives it forward with new ideas, new insight and a unique perspective, eventually becoming a trusted voice in his or her respective industry.

The term thought leader is a coveted moniker that few truly achieve. That’s because, at the end of the […]

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3 tips for preparing for a TV interview

There’s nothing natural about being on television.

It’s awkward, the lights can be hot, and you’re expected to look directly into the camera (if you’re remote) or at the reporter (if you’re in-studio or on the street), but make it seem like you’re having an informal, sit-down coffee chat with a family member.

No pressure at all, […]

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