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Social is the new exclusive: How luxury brands are using social media

In 2008, American Brandstand did a study tracking the mentions of brands in American hip-hop songs. Out of the top 50 tunes, luxury brands ranked the highest in mentions with Gulfstream, Gucci, Lamborghini, Patron, Cadillac and Hennessy Cognac topping the list, beaten only by Nike at number one.

From this study alone, Moet Hennessy’s PR firm realized they needed to re-strategize who they were looking at as a target demographic, and turned to social media to do so, making Hennessy synonymous with online ingenuity. When launching their first new product since 1961, Hennessy Black, they reached out to a younger generationas well as their loyal, older fan base.

With an online dance competition for a prize of $10,000 (ending June 14, 2011), interactive Facebook and YouTube pages, and a “see and be seen with your Hennessy” Flickr page, their approach has made them a perfect example of leveraging social media to evolve a company. Senior VP Andrew Glaser stated that, “The campaign followed a two-year slump in cognac sales, but after the social media campaign sales were up in the first quarter and the brand is building on that growth to target younger demographics.”

Though luxury brands used to thrive on exclusivity – making social media a scary prospect for many in this niche, high-end industry – times and demographics are changing.


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5 Tips to Enhance Event Publicity

Yes, things can go terribly wrong when planning and executing publicity events, but don't get discouraged - there are ways to avoid publicity disasters. All it takes is a little pre-planning and organization (and a metric ton of persistence). Here are five reasons why media might not cover your event and what you can do about it to gain more coverage in the future

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Anti-Social Media: Clicking with Cliques in the Digital World

Anti-Social Media: Clicking with Cliques in the Digital World - If you can find the right connections, integrate yourself into numerous communities or cliques and continue to make you, your company or your client stand out, you are well on your way to becoming the life of the social media party.

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