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Remote Flexibility is the Key to Happy Employees—Trust Us

This story was co-written by Angelica Martinez.

A few years ago, this newfangled concept of “telecommuting” or working from home became a popular subject of discussion, but was met with some disbelief. Today, remote work continues its steady rise in popularity, but many still pose the question: Are people actually productive working from home?

According to […]

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3 Essential Tips for a Successful Satellite Media Tour

This story was co-written by Alyssa Valleau

According to Pew’s Research Center’s 2016 State of the News Media, there has been an audience growth in cable and network news, making satellite media tours (SMTs) a valuable tactic in any PR arsenal. In fact, it’s a tactic we used when launching our award-winning Seekender campaign for Hampton by […]

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Finding the True Value in Influencer Campaigns

This story was co-written by Maite Velez-Couto

There has been a lot of controversy in recent months surrounding the value influencers bring to brands. At the heart of the conversation? The issue of transparency and their actual impact to the bottom line.

The truth of the matter is that with the right strategy, marketers can successfully leverage influencers’ […]

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5 ways “The Walking Dead” can teach PR pros how to pitch a survey

For PR professionals, surveys create relevance and can provide your pitches with a timely hook. Statistics gleaned from surveys give PR pros that extra dose of credibility and allow us to delve into our hunches, those trends we know in our gut must be trends, but often don’t have the facts and figures to back […]

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Millennials are the new King Kong

Decades ago, the Boomer generation took to the food industry like Godzilla took to Tokyo. Fast food chains like McDonald’s thrived and the microwavable burrito proved the most innovative thing since sliced bread (seriously, pre-sliced bread didn’t exist until the 1920s).

Now, these companies must adapt to the new generation – millennials.


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