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Influencers Uncovered: On and Off the Gram

Remember when the internet freaked out when Instagram shut down for an afternoon? The world caught a small glimpse of what could happen to full-time influencers—and their partners—if Instagram were to disappear completely, and it wasn’t pretty.

Everyone we’ve spotlighted so far in our ‘Influencers Uncovered’ series have expanded in tangible ways that make sense for their […]

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Influencers Uncovered: 5 Tips for a Successful Influencer Partnership

This story was co-written by Hannah Bursack

This story is the second in the Influencers Uncovered series, which takes a deep dive into the complex world of influencers and Instagram, and how marketers and brands can benefit from both.

Now that we’ve gone over Instagram’s ever-evolving features and how they can benefit influencers, it’s time to talk about […]

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Influencers Uncovered: The Instagram Update

This story was co-written by Hannah Bursack

The world of social media and the role that influencers play within the space is changing constantly. Apps such as Instagram are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, opening new doors and opportunities for both marketers and those who want to build a business.

For the first post in our […]

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5 Simple Steps For A Successful FAM Trip

This story was co-written by Ailys Toledo

Today we’re here to talk ‘FAM Trips’ – and no, we’re not referring to trips with your family. In layman’s terms, it’s an opportunity to showcase a destination, product or service firsthand to a select group of media. The goal is to curate an experience so positive that it […]

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The Art of Writing: Q&A with Seth Arenstein, Editor at PR News

One of the most powerful forms of communication is writing, and if you’ve landed yourself a career in PR you’ve probably done your fair share over the years.

From pitching to press releases to bylines, writing is an integral part of our daily lives. But it’s not every day we take a step back and truly […]

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The Art of Pitching: Q&A with Seth Arenstein, Editor at PR News

To be successful in our industry, one of the main skills you need is the ability to craft a thoughtful, compelling and targeted pitch. You may have an incredible story to tell, but if you can’t articulate to reporters why they should write about it, there’s a good chance your story will go untold.

While pitching can certainly […]

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5 Ways Brands Showed Humanity Amidst a Hurricane

When we first caught wind of Irma, the category 5 hurricane was expected to put Hurricane Andrew to shame and Floridians immediately sprang into action. From stocking up on groceries and gas, to searching for the first flight to ANYWHERE, we were determined to weather this storm.

Despite our determination, we were met with several challenges […]

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How The Work-Life Blend Approach Landed Me On CNN

The concept of work-life balance is often referenced in an idealistic, aspirational way. Many professionals in our industry bemoan their lack of free time and flexibility and chalk it all up to needing a better work-life balance. But perhaps what we need to do is more effectively blend our work and personal lives rather than […]

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Crisis Communications, Then & Now: An Inside Look with Bruce Rubin

What I love about communications is the fact that we can play many different roles and wear many different hats every single day – some certainly more glamorous than others. One day we might be jetting off to accompany journalists on a trip to a foreign country, while another we are tasked with delivering a […]

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