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7 Ingredients for Writing Better Blog Posts

This story was co-written by Rafael Sangiovanni

We’ve previously talked about the benefits of having a company blog and shared our insights on how to actually manage a blog. Now let’s get down the real crux of this whole operation: The actual blog posts.

Admittedly, this can be the most challenging part. Unless you’re a full-time content creator, […]

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5 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Blog

This story was co-written by Rafael Sangiovanni

It’s become common wisdom that blogging is good for individuals, companies and organizations. But it’s like drinking enough water – you know you’re supposed to do it, but do you really know why?

If you don’t fancy yourself a writer or editor, the entire idea of writing and managing blogging can seem […]

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7 effective social media content tips from our local community

I recently had the pleasure of leading a “speed marketing” roundtable discussion at an event hosted by Social Media Club South Florida. The topics ranged from Visual Communication and Data-Driven Social Media Strategies to Advocacy and Social Media Crisis Management. My particular table topic was Social Media Content.

The “roll-up your sleeves” roundtable experience made for dynamic and fast-paced conversations – much like social media itself.


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Think outside the Facebook box: 4 ways to improve your content marketing strategy

By now, most marketers have read about Facebook demoting overly promotional content from brand pages. It is being seen as the latest blow to marketers by the world’s largest social network.

In case you missed it, Facebook describes the content being demoted as:

Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Beginning in January 2015, people will see less of this type of content in their News Feeds. Facebook is also further limiting organic reach. Reports have shown that Facebook page posts already only reach about 2 percent of current fans (a number that was falling by .5 percent per month in 2014). And interaction with posts is even lower. Facebook’s latest announcement will certainly make these numbers even worse.

As an eternal optimist, I’m looking for the silver lining here. You’ve heard the bad news; now here’s the good news.


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Six questions to ask when starting on next year’s marketing plans

As soon as holiday decorations start hitting the store shelves, I know it’s time to finish up our client marketing plans for the coming year.  This is a time consuming process, but one well worth the rewards.

If you haven’t started, and you’re not exactly sure where to begin, here are some questions to get you going.


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Five main marketing takeaways from SXSW Interactive 2013

A few weeks back from SXSW Interactive 2013 and my mind is still swirling with all the inspiration and ideas transmitted at this admittedly overwhelming five days of Austin wonderment.

Immediately upon returning to the office, everyone asked me, “What did you think?” It really takes a while to let it all sink in and coalesce, and figure out what major takeaways will stick long after the sessions, workshops, lounges, parties and after-parties become a fading daydream.

SXSW is known as the largest gathering of the brightest minds from digital, tech and social media worlds. You find inspiration everywhere. Not only at the motivational keynote addresses, but also at the meet-ups, sessions and even your counterparts waiting in line with you or riding the conference shuttle.

Between Raph and I, we attended approximately 30 sessions and workshops on topics ranging from new journalism to big data and storytelling to social media along with things we never thought of! We tweeted in real time as we heard many experts relay their nuggets of wisdom. You can still find all of the on-the-ground, day-to-day coverage right here.


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Recapping PR News’ one-day boot camp for emerging PR stars

I had the pleasure of speaking at PR News’ One-Day Boot Camp for Emerging PR Stars yesterday along with Christopher Smith from Bank of America. We tackled a topic near and dear to many in our field: How to build brands, find followers and attract fans on social media.

The simple fact is that social is a way […]

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rbb takes Breakout Brand strategy to SXSWi 2013

It’s that time of year again! More than 20,000 digital pros from around the country are gearing up for the 2013 edition of their favorite inspirational melting pot, South By Southwest Interactive.

Personally, I can’t wait to geek out at the keynotes and panels and find out what’s new and next in the world of interactive.

Among what’s next is our very own meetup, where we look forward to introducing attendees to rbb’s Breakout Brand strategy – an evolutionary brand approach that emphasizes customer engagement, interactive marketing and the value of emotional connections with customers.


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rbb survey shows: Companies take consumer love all the way to the bank

According to a survey by the polling firm IBOPE/Zogby International for rbb Public Relations, companies have to show consumers the love in order to attract – and keep them in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 83 percent are willing to spend more on a product or service if they feel a personal connection to the company. One fifth of respondents said they would pay 50 percent or more if they felt the company put the customer first.

The survey found that to stay competitive, companies are adopting marketing strategies that align with today’s new consumer perspective. Instead of chasing the competition to become number one, creating powerful customer experiences is the top priority. rbb has labeled companies leading this charge as Breakout Brands.


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CNN’s breaking news coverage of Obamacare: Speed versus accuracy

It’s the morning of Thursday June 28, 2012, and Americans are anxiously anticipating the widely publicized U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Obama’s most important policy to date, the health care law.

At 10:10 a.m., my first breaking news alert comes in from CNN:

That’s a big aspect of the law. Major blow to the administration. Major impact to the presidential campaign. And CNN is the authority, right?

At 10:19, another alert pops up. It’s a correction:


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