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PRWeek guest blog: Love the one you’re with

Today’s post in PRWeek discusses a subject that should resonate with everyone, no matter your line of business: Why you should love your clients more than your prospects.

When it comes to growth, new business seems to be king. Getting a new client is perceived as sexier and sometimes more rewarding than ensuring you keep or […]

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PRWeek guest blog: Winning awards is more than just an ego trip

My first PRWeek blog on the extra benefits of winning awards appears today.

rbb Public Relations uses awards as a benchmark to measure our ability to deliver creative, results-driven programs for our clients and serve as educational tool to motivate our staff to explore and achieve.

We think it’s working great for us, and we certainly don’t […]

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Guest blogging for PRWeek about love, winning and ROI

I was fortunate to be asked to be the guest blogger for the week of January 16 for PRWeek, a dominant industry publication. That meant coming up with three topics that would be somewhat evergreen since they had to be done in advance. But when you can talk about anything, sometimes nothing comes to mind.

So I […]

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How getting a flu shot is like making changes in the workplace

This month, rbb is offering free flu shots for employees and their families, as well as all the neighbors in our Coral Gables office building.

As some people signed up while others avoided it all together, it made me think that the decision to get a flu shot reflects what you see when you talk about trying […]

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On Steve Jobs and what really matters

I do not own an iPhone or a Mac and I staunchly stand by my Blackberry and PC.  My iPod with its measly 88 songs is all but permanently attached to its Bose sound dock and is used solely for my 10 minutes of exercise each morning.

Yet, when I read that Steve Jobs had died, I felt a profound sense of loss and shock that someone who had changed our world had not only died, but died too young.


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Still driving distracted? It’s time for change.

The last time I blogged on the subject of distracted driving was in December 2010. Since then, the volume of discussion on this issue has continued to rise. In my hometown of Miami, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is creating a safety campaign with a morbid twist. The campaign, called “The Last Word,” highlights the after effects on others of distracted driving by showing poignant images, such as the casket of an innocent victim of a distracted driver.

The idea of forcing people to act by making the issue about the harm you could do to others, rather than just yourself, is certainly taking root. The U.S. Department of Transportation created a “Faces of Distracted Driving” video series featuring people across the country who’ve experienced a car crash tragedy that could have been avoided.


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Never, Ever Initiative: Why you need a no multi-tasking while driving plan

Click here to pledge to stop multi-tasking while driving.

I will never win any “good driver” awards. My fear of the road, or rather of other drivers, means I mooch rides when I can and backseat drive (literally sitting in the back seat), demanding people go slow and pay attention. My personal experiences have given me […]

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How to Predict the Future

When asked what superpower I would like to have, and yes I do get asked this question more than would seem normal, my response is that I wish I could correctly predict the future.

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The case for iPhone "APPstinence"

How I lost my iphone APP virginity and decided to return to a policy of APPstinence.

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Firm News – rbb Acquires Haber & Quinn PR

Today, rbb got married.  After a long friendship and then a fairly brief courtship, we made it legal and  acquired Haber & Quinn Public Relations & Marketing, a Fort Lauderdale based agency specializing in the marine and healthcare industries. John Quinn and Geri Haber have been friends of the firm for quite some time – a really long time.  Geri was one of the first faces I saw when I came to work at Bruce Rubin Associates 20 years ago. Yes, she was only 12 at the time.  John came down from New York a few years later and we’ve stayed in touch for 17 years.    The wedding was an informal affair and witnessed by staff from both sides.   The rbb family has now grown to include Mary, Emily and Lon and of course a slew of great clients.  Everyone is getting along and I’m glad to say our blended family is just one big happy “Brady” bunch.


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