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How to Predict the Future

When asked what superpower I would like to have, and yes I do get asked this question more than would seem normal, my response is that I wish I could correctly predict the future.

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The case for iPhone "APPstinence"

How I lost my iphone APP virginity and decided to return to a policy of APPstinence.

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Firm News – rbb Acquires Haber & Quinn PR

Today, rbb got married.  After a long friendship and then a fairly brief courtship, we made it legal and  acquired Haber & Quinn Public Relations & Marketing, a Fort Lauderdale based agency specializing in the marine and healthcare industries. John Quinn and Geri Haber have been friends of the firm for quite some time – a really long time.  Geri was one of the first faces I saw when I came to work at Bruce Rubin Associates 20 years ago. Yes, she was only 12 at the time.  John came down from New York a few years later and we’ve stayed in touch for 17 years.    The wedding was an informal affair and witnessed by staff from both sides.   The rbb family has now grown to include Mary, Emily and Lon and of course a slew of great clients.  Everyone is getting along and I’m glad to say our blended family is just one big happy “Brady” bunch.


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Earthquake Interrupts Sandra Bullock’s Yoga Class at iPad Event Featuring Miss USA and Cast of "Lost"

Caught your attention? Yes, this headline is a shameless attempt to grab readers who are searching these words at this very moment. The internet is a wealth of information so why is it that the most popular search terms seem built around natural disasters, celebrities and new gadgets? I was inspired to ask the question when I saw this image in the Sunday New York Times Magazine article, “Putting a price on words” by Andrew Rice.

The story goes on to interview several news site leaders about how they value their content.  And, repeatedly they said the most popular articles had “sex, scandal or Sarah Palin” in the headlines.  If people self-select their news, do they only consume what they like, not what they need? How many consumers read the details about the Greek economic meltdown versus campaigned to get Betty White to host Saturday Night Live?  Is that like asking how many kids would actually choose the cut apples over the French fries at McDonalds? Is the next generation just more interested in lifestyle versus hard news?


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The Business "Fear Factor"

Along with millions of jobs, another casualty of the economic downtown is business innovation. While necessity may be the mother of invention, lack of job security is the father of a corporate culture of fear. Are we losing our business nerve? If taking action might cost us money, is it better to do nothing? Is […]

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No Jerks Allowed: How to Build a Civilized Workplace

Recently I spoke at the United Way’s Women’s Executive Leadership Luncheon.  Rather than follow the format of speaking on my career path, I chose to talk about one of the key ingredients in my recipe for business satisfaction and success – eliminating jerks from the workplace.

The cliff notes version of the talk, “No Jerks Allowed: How to Build a Civilized Workplace” is that a civil workplace is not done solely for altruistic reasons by “soft and fuzzy” managers. (And don’t get me started on people who think because I’m a working mom, I’m a “nurturer” nut. I’ve known plenty of jerks who were women and mothers.)  Simply put, if you eliminate jerks you will see greater business results.  You will:


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The Art of Editing

When Jonathon Schwartz exited Sun Microsytems after it was acquired by Oracle, he signed off on Twitter with a haiku.  A haiku paints a picture and stirs emotion with a brevity of language, three lines, that is all the more powerful because of its simplicity.  It is harder to write less than more.  A phrase […]

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