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Larry Birger Young Business Journalist winner describes the future of journalism

Earlier this year, rbb was pleased to present the first Larry Birger Young Business Journalist prize at The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) annual conference in Phoenix. The winner was Mina Kimes, an enterprise investigative reporter for Bloomberg News.

The Larry Birger Award recognizes the nation’s top young business journalist, up to the age of 30. Kimes was selected because of her stellar work over her seven-year career, including her investigative pieces at both Bloomberg News and Fortune on abuse in the medical industry and the exploitation of subordinates for profit in large American corporations.

I had the privilege to turn the tides on our inaugural award winner and ask her a few questions about her career and journalism in America.


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5 communication lessons from 2013’s most popular television shows

With the end of the year come numerous “best of” lists. This year, I thought I’d combine two of my favorite subjects – marketing communications and escapist television – to create a list of lessons we can learn from pithy quotes delivered by some favorite TV characters.

While there are many great shows, I tried to pick […]

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New Breakout Brands study explores the importance of the customer experience

This year’s Global PR Summit is once again a catalyst for spirited dialogue about the success or failure of the public relations industry. Communicators from around the world, hailing from organizations of all types and sizes, are sharing their stories. While their languages and cultures may be different, their communications challenges are universal.
In this whirlwind […]

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The plain truth about mentors

I’ve always been annoyed by the word mentor. It conjures up visions of an elegant, silver-haired businessman patting the shoulder of a younger colleague in a fine restaurant while imparting sage advice.

In the business world, having a mentor is as much a status symbol as a Rolex. When people talk about their mentors, it sounds like they are giving a eulogy.

But when the Public Relations Society of America gave the founder of my firm, Bruce Rubin, a lifetime achievement award, I had to face facts. While it never came with a bow on it, or was part of a formal training program, I have a mentor – and a damn good one.


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Yahoo telecommute ban is not about productivity – it’s about power

As the buzz about Yahoo’s ban on working from home continues to escalate, it struck me that the outrage over “to ban or not ban” misses the big picture.

Both sides can make arguments that have some merit. Yahoo claims this is “right for Yahoo right now” – but says who? Obviously not the current and former Yahoo employees who are shaken and confused by the change and have chosen to speak out.

The decision comes from someone at the top who more than likely has engaged in very little of the “water cooler creativity” with the rank and file that was determined to be so critical to company success.


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PRWeek guest blog: Procurement specialists can be a marketer’s ally

My last column with PRWeek focuses on procurement. Say the word and most marketing people cringe and immediately think about their budgets being cut.

But as rbb has worked more and more with outside procurement specialists, and especially began working with a leading procurement company, it’s clear that the thinking about procurement has changed and smart […]

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PRWeek guest blog: Emotional connections can be measured at the register

Our Breakout Brand strategy is in the news again. Earlier this week, PRNews ran a great story about our Customer Insights study, which show the value of brands focusing on the customer, not the competitor.

Today, my second guest blog post at PRWeek went live, and it’s about how emotions can drive brand success.

What do Zappos, Apple […]

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PRWeek guest blog: What clients really want – The Three As

Like last year, I was asked by PRWeek, a dominant industry publication, to be their featured guest blogger for the week. I was more than happy to oblige, and my first post on what clients really want appears today.

My post focuses on an idea that seems counterintuitive at first – the last thing people think […]

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Public relations is a small world: What we learned at Global PR Summit 2012

Do you believe that regular exercise is good for you? Most of you would raise your hands and say yes. But do you exercise regularly? I bet most of those hands would go down. If you know something is true, why isn’t that belief enough to cause you to act?

That was one of the questions posed […]

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Breakout brands strike at heart of consumer purchase decisions

How do you sell more products and services? That’s the simple question every marketer poses. There is no singular answer.

Over time, organizations have embraced many different strategies looking for growth. Decades ago, one strategy rose up above the pack – it was called the challenger brand. I’m sure everyone remembers: “We’re Avis, we try harder.” It put being #2 in the spotlight and made marketing all about showing why you were better than the #1 company.

Several months ago, rbb identified an evolutionary approach to the challenger brand concept that focused on the customer, not the competition. We call it “The Breakout Brand Strategy.”


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