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Leadership By A Guy Named Ed

How do you define a leader?  Is it someone people are willing to follow?  I believe the best leaders don’t worry about how many people are behind them. They take action on an issue not because it’s popular, but because it’s right.  Ed Stack, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods is such a leader.  He is […]

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What to do When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes

Technology is making it easier for our eyes to deceive us. Clever editing, misleading titles and manufactured images allow us to simply manipulate stakeholders.

There are numerous examples of how manufactured and forced perspective erodes trust and impacts situations in everything from elections to healthcare.

The increasing ease of these techniques is what has accelerated the rate […]

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Why You Need the Right People Today to Succeed Tomorrow

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”

This quote from Will Rogers is a humorous warning to today’s business owners. What got you where you are today is often not enough to ensure you will be successful tomorrow.

Continued growth is a challenge every business faces […]

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Words of Wisdom for Women Business Owners

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day has been celebrated for more than 100 years and this year its theme of #BeBoldForChange to help forge a better working world – a more gender inclusive world shows how the effort is becoming more aggressive in […]

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Proof that every customer has their price

The fourth annual Breakout BrandsTM survey* by rbb Communications found it would take more than $220,000 to bribe customers away from their favorite product. For 43 percent of American consumers surveyed, no amount of money is enough, and 93 percent of this group would actually pay more for a brand they feel an emotional connection […]

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Looking into the PR Crystal Ball: Top 10 Career Tips

rbb Communications’ fearless leader Christine Barney was recently honored with the Bill Adams Lifetime Achievement Award by the Public Relation Society of America’s Miami chapter.
Rather than talk about a 30+ years of career of achievements,  Christine took the opportunity to offer the students and young professionals in the audience her advice on what makes […]

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What makes an entrepreneur successful?

I recently appeared on “South Florida Entrepreneurs on Fire.” This podcast asks leaders to share their business insights and personal experiences, and hopes to capture the essence of entrepreneurship.

What makes an entrepreneur successful? How do you identify and integrate acquisitions effectively? How should you look through candidates to make sure they match your company’s culture? How […]

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Civic engagement: The ultimate multitasking business tool

PR is a 24/7 business that requires juggling many different projects at once, but this year rbb Communications’ CEO Christine Barney demonstrated her masterful ability to multitask, serving as Chair of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.
With her Chairmanship coming to a close, Christine recently looked back on the year and penned a byline for […]

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2016: The Year of the Entrepreneur

The term entrepreneur was coined more than 200 years ago. Yet growing up in the Bronx, I never knew an entrepreneur and thought business owners were limited to the local newsstand or butcher.

Today, it seems there is an entrepreneur around every corner. Companies with no revenues are valued at hundreds of millions, and organizations to […]

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Richard Branson and Sheryl Sandberg believe fixing gender bias can change the world

In a recent interview, Bloomberg’s Emily Chang showed not only why Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg deserve to be role models for all, regardless of gender, but she also put an exclamation point on key gender issues that drag down business.
While I encourage you to watch the entire piece on the “Balancing Act,” we’ve provided a Cliff Notes version of the top insights from the interview. And, just for fun, see if you can decide who said which quotes – Sheryl or Richard. (The answers are at the bottom of this story.)


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