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The recipe for paid digital marketing success

In 2015, companies’ spend on social media marketing jumped 33.5 percent to $23.6 Billion. If you aren’t one of the 76 percent of marketers investing in paid social, it’s time to jump on board – especially for video. (More on that in a minute.)

Regardless of whether your focus is B2C or B2B, paid digital marketing […]

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Confused about Facebook’s latest NewsFeed changes? Find out how they impact your brand

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes have put brands on edge – and with good reason. With this update, Facebook is continuing to limit organic reach for brands and publishers alike, and it is necessary for brands to revamp their social strategy to prevent losing out on influence and opportunities for engagement.

The first step is understanding what the modifications are. According to Facebook product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors, there are three big changes that will impact your brand reach on Facebook.


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What Google’s Hotel Finder really means for travel industry marketers

A couple of years ago, Google put the fear of, well, Google in the entire travel industry when it enabled Hotel Finder.

Predictions were dire, ranging from radical changes in booking behavior to the collapse of travel aggregation sites. However, little of that actually occurred, and the Kayaks, Expedias and TripAdvisors of the world are doing just fine. In fact, in some instances they’ve diversified their service offerings.

We thought this would be a good time to review what Hotel Finder has really meant to the travel industry.


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Why travel brands must innovate, disrupt to survive in the digital era

For travel companies, enough is not enough anymore. Or, rather, what was enough isn’t sufficient today.

As travel and leisure companies increasingly shift to becoming broader lifestyle brands, the consumer is expecting ever greater levels of service and personalization from this sector, much of it driven by the promise offered by digital technology and social connectedness.

That said, becoming a lifestyle brand, whether focused on luxury excursions or budget-conscious business travel, has become the growing trend used to innovate and expand the product offering. As noted in the 2015 Skift report on travel megatrends, many companies are mixing up offerings with “increased emphasis on design, wholesome food offerings, and local cultural integrations.” In some cases, the report notes, this can lead to the launch of a completely new category of products.


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Digital trends for 2015 and beyond: PROI asked, we answered

rbb is proud to be part of the Public Relations Organization International (PROI) global network, the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies with 67 partners in approximately 100 offices in 50 countries and regions.

So we were extremely pleased when they asked for our digital perspective for the inaugural issue of the PROI Americas newsletter. We thought we’d share with you what we shared with them.


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2015 is the year to celebrate customer experience

February is the month where New Year’s resolutions come to die. By the end of the month, January’s good intentions gradually find themselves lacking the stamina to keep up with the hustle of real life.

Similarly, frantic predictions about imperative trends that must be implemented immediately appear to calm down as the calendar ticks forward a month.

However, among the many shiny prognostications about all things digital in 2015, there is one that we find, after some consideration, to be particularly compelling.


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3 ways your mobile marketing program may fail in 2015

Mobile has been at the center of digital programs for a while now, but 2015 may be the year it finally comes of age and fulfills its disruptive potential across a wider range of industries.

That said, too many digital programs are still considering mobile as just one more channel, rather than an entirely new platform requiring significant shifts in planning and execution.

We think there are three key areas that could be pitfalls for most organizations in the coming year.


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Don’t be deaf: Why social media listening is a must for brand strategy

I’m often asked by clients to review their digital media and social marketing programs to uncover opportunities to improve reach, engagement and ROI. I’ve spent the past 17 years answering this question as an Online Marketing Strategist for clients big and small.

Now, I spearhead the digital practice at rbb and the online audit service that we offer, which is specifically designed to discover opportunities for clients based on their online presence. (See video.)

What I’ve consistently found is that most brands don’t really have a truly integrated strategy, and that their social media is more about broadcasting brand messages rather than providing valuable content or truly connecting with the intended audience.


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10 essential tactics for developing successful online videos

Did you know that 100 million Internet users watch an online video every day? In fact, a third of all online activity is spent doing just that.

You may think this equates to millennials watching funny YouTube videos or Vine loops all day, but the truth is far more interesting than that. According to Digital Sherpa in 2014, 50 percent of users watch business-related videos on YouTube once a week, and 75 percent of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.

The fact of the matter is that it’s becoming more important for brands to include videos in their content marketing mix. As such, I’d like to share 10 tactics for creating successful online videos.


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