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Laura Guitar

Senior Counsel
(407) 616-1863
What should you know about me?
The word impossible is the best invitation in the world to me. Say something can’t be done or would be too difficult to accomplish and I’m on it. Whether managing through a complex crisis situation or taking on the cause of an underdog, I bring boundless curiosity and consistent optimism to strategic and considered counsel focused on delivering results.

What career achievement am I most proud of?
The ability to play a role in an advocacy campaign that led to the establishment of a new pediatric hospital in Medical City at Lake Nona was something I’ll always be thankful for. Working with local and state elected officials, community organizations, and key influencers, I helped craft an influencer driven campaign that resulted in Certificate of Need state approval for the hospital in a record 22-month timeframe despite significant opposition.

Why rbb?
The practice of public relations has changed dramatically in the course of my career – and will change yet again. Today, successful agencies are those with the ability to serve as a strategic partner for their clients and rbb embodies that approach. While clients may come to rbb with one challenge, in the course of our work we’re often able to reframe that into a larger strategic opportunity that both addresses the initial issue and also introduces the capacity to solve for other issues and engage in new opportunities.

The Formal Introduction
Laura Guitar serves as Senior Counsel for rbb with a focus on issues, crisis and advocacy campaigns. Her cross-industry experience includes strategic communications programming to develop and lead crisis response, identify and manage issue-based risk, and establish advocacy and stakeholder support. With more than 20 years of experience, Laura offers a comprehensive communications perspective that drives strategically oriented programs designed to offer specific and tangible outcomes.

The Real Story
Laura started working in public relations at the age of 16 and never looked back. A Florida native, she has worked in all of Florida’s major metro markets and joined the rbb team shortly after arriving in Miami in 2014. Having opened offices for major global PR firms, launched a PR division for a regional ad agency, and served as a partner in a boutique agency before turning 28, Laura’s background includes work for national and international corporate enterprises across a wide range of industries.

The Name Dropping
Specializing in corporate, healthcare and issue-based programs, Laura has worked with companies and organizations that include the Walt Disney Company, Publix, the Chinese Ministry of Rail, GE Healthcare, the University of Florida, Delta Airlines, DHL, and FirstService Residential among others. A graduate of Rollins College, Laura has been recognized for her professional accomplishments and volunteer efforts with a variety of industry and community awards.

Want More?
Always available and open to discussing your communications challenges, Laura can be reached at laura.guitar@rbbcommunications.com or at 407-616-1863.

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