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Should brand marketing continue during a national tragedy?

It seems that breaking news of active shooters is becoming more frequent. The coverage of the recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport presented a terrifying reality that dominated news cycles all day, with video on loop and viewers’ eyes glued to the TV hoping to gain answers as to what would drive someone to […]

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Hot Topics, Hot Takes

Across the blogosphere, cable news, talk radio and Twitterverse every day “hot takes” are handed out like hot cakes. In the PR industry, we understand that while keeping our finger on the pulse is important, its equally valuable to understand the difference between what can be a new path to explore for our clients or […]

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Proof that every customer has their price

The fourth annual Breakout BrandsTM survey* by rbb Communications found it would take more than $220,000 to bribe customers away from their favorite product. For 43 percent of American consumers surveyed, no amount of money is enough, and 93 percent of this group would actually pay more for a brand they feel an emotional connection […]

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Achieving Excellence, Not Perfection

When is good, good enough? How can you balance work and life so neither suffers? According to rbb Communications CEO Christine Barney, you can’t. Recently, Barney was presented with the PRSA Miami 2016 Bill Adams Lifetime Achievement Award and, as part of this honor she was featured at the PRSA Miami Cocktails and Conversations series […]

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7 Ingredients for Writing Better Blog Posts

This story was co-written by Rafael Sangiovanni

We’ve previously talked about the benefits of having a company blog and shared our insights on how to actually manage a blog. Now let’s get down the real crux of this whole operation: The actual blog posts.

Admittedly, this can be the most challenging part. Unless you’re a full-time content creator, […]

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5 tips to combat workplace rumors and save morale

Rumors, idle gossip and untrue stories may sometimes seem harmless, but they can have a profound and lasting effect on businesses.

A big mistake companies make when hearing about workplace rumors is hoping that they fizzle out on their own. Sometimes they do, but many times rumors just get worse.

It doesn’t matter whether you have five or 500 employees, workplace rumors are […]

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TV producer on local news in digital era: “The future is bright”

Gone are the Edward R. Murrow days of newsrooms packed with TV crews ready to chase the next big, hard news story. Instead, with the rise of the digital age, cell phones and online video, newsrooms are consolidating with employees wearing multiple hats – producer turned reporter turned web editor. This has also caused a […]

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Trumped Up, Trickle Down PR Pitches

Last Wednesday (election day) while scrolling through my Twitter account, I came across this tweet below from Nick Nehamas, business reporter with The Miami Herald and it brought me both instant amusement and amazement.

I was somewhat shocked that Nick was having to fend off real estate pitches on election day because our agency had pretty […]

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Thanks(giving) for good content

Content creation remains a big buzz word for marketing, PR and communication professionals in both the B2B and B2C industries. This trend isn’t changing anytime soon, according to a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute, which shows that 70 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketing will use more content in 2017 than […]

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Viva la Marketing: Breakout Branding Inspiration From Frida Kahlo

An iconic artist who continues to leave a mark on fashion, media and art decades after her lifetime, you can say that Frida Kahlo initiated the power of personal branding before it even existed.

Her bold multicultural style was carefully crafted using fashion as an illusion to communicate messages against social, sexual, artistic and political norms. […]

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