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The New High Cost of a Political Poker Face for Brands

“If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”

Alexander Hamilton asks his rival Aaron Burr that question throughout the Broadway smash “Hamilton.” It’s a sentiment that now seems to be shared by a growing number of consumers who are using their buying power to reward companies for taking a political stand – or even the appearance […]

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3 Tips for Effective Communications During a Natural Disaster

The total extent of the damage from Hurricane Matthew may remain uncertain for some time, but there is certainly no question that Fox News anchor Shepard Smith ruffled feathers while warning viewers about its dangers.

In his effort to urge people living on or near Florida’s eastern coast to evacuate before the storm made landfall, he laid out a […]

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Travel is the World’s Largest Industry. Let’s Start Acting like It: Insights live from The Skift Global Forum

This story was co-written by Maite Velez-Couto.

The Skift Global Forum 2016 opened with an empowering call to action: “Travel is the world’s largest industry. Let’s start acting like it.”

As communications professionals and strategists for multiple Breakout travel brands, we couldn’t agree more. So, how can the industry break out and win while at it?

Here are […]

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Halloween Marketing: The Good, the Frightening and the Scarily Savvy

While Halloween is a holiday that offers brands a wealth of marketing opportunities, every year it seems to produce communications scares that require reputation management teams to have a full bag of tricks.

Last year, I wrote about some of the scariest examples. While it seems that this year many major brands have heeded the lessons of Halloweens […]

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Trumping civic engagement: How “The Donald” is spotlighting the political process

Donald Trump ignited a firestorm with his “not a war hero” comments directed toward John McCain. While it’s hard to argue that these, along with his previous comments about Mexicans, were anything but distasteful, they also may bring a lot of good.

Love or hate him, “The Donald” always draws a crowd. I would venture to guess that since he entered the presidential race there are more people paying attention to a primary election cycle than ever before.

Politics aside, I have always admired many of Donald Trump’s PR skills. If there is a trending news story even tangentially related to one of his business operations, he is usually right in the middle of it. He makes himself readily available to the media, and they return the favor with ongoing coverage.


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The best Mother’s Day gift for working moms: Family-friendly policies

Mother’s Day is upon us. While many companies remain focused on using the holiday to drive sales, the holiday also offers a great opportunity for businesses to take stock in how family-friendly they are as an institution.

As a working mom, I love hearing about businesses like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s that invest in family-friendly policies. For a smaller company, Rachel Zoe took a relatively big step this week by opening up a fully-staffed, complimentary nursery for the working parents she employs. It’s a move that certainly motivates me to purchase more of her products, the same way that American Express’ fully paid maternity and paternity makes me feel good about being a cardholder for nearly two decades.

Creating a family-friendly work environment and a corporate culture that promotes work-life balance drives customer and employee loyalty, the latter of which should be a major priority for employers. But sadly in the U.S. it’s not.


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4 frightening Halloween PR faux pas

As national holidays go, Halloween certainly leaves the most room to be edgy with your corporate or personal brand.

But it seems every year the holiday produces communications scares that require reputation management teams to have more than just a bag of tricks to treat.

Here are four Halloween PR frights and the responses to quiet the chorus of boos.


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Google’s “right to be forgotten” reinforces the importance of an online crisis plan

The EU’s Court of Justice may have forced Google to give its citizens a say in what pops up when someone searches their name by upholding what is known as “the right to be forgotten,” but there is still no such thing as a “Get Out Jail Free ” card on the web.

As the debate about the validity and impact of the ruling rages on, it’s a good reminder for anyone with a public persona or brand to have a solid digital crisis communication plan in place.

No ruling can keep up with powerful combination of the 24/7 news cycle and the Internet’s ability to aggregate information, especially when tied to a trending topic. As Forbes contributor Emma Woollacott warned in her recent article, “The Internet is a many-headed Hydra, and content from a delisted website frequently pops up again somewhere else.”


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JFK assassination 50 years later: How has media changed?

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and revisiting the iconic news footage serves as a reminder of how dramatically the digital age has impacted the way media process and cover current events.

In 1963, it was broadcast media that broke the news that President Kennedy had been shot, and it became the primary source of information the nation relied on to help make sense of that unthinkable act.

The broadcast media didn’t have to worry about the 24-hour news cycle or competing with more nimble online outlets. This gave them the luxury of time – even if it was a finite amount of time – to add context and vet the accuracy of new details before sharing them with the public.


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Political hangover: What will fill the void of 2012 election’s record marketing spend?

The most expensive presidential race in American history has provided a real boost to the marketing industry. Collectively, the candidates, parties and independent groups have spent more than $1 billion on TV advertising since April according to data compiled by media trackers and provided to the Associated Press.

Even if you don’t reside in a battleground state targeted with most of the TV buys, you were no doubt exposed to the $78 million worth of online and social media activities executed by the Romney and Obama campaigns.

With both the airways and the blogosphere dominated by presidential campaign chatter, rather than try to compete for attention with standard consumer brand awareness campaigns, savvy marketers feed our country’s patriotic binge with creative election-centered promotions and content.


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